Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Power of Love

Well, I found this article in Woman's Day about a contest they are having wanting you to tell how heart disease has affected a close females life and yours. That got me to thinking about what we went through with momma over 10 years ago. I'll never forget!
Daddy had been paralyzed for about 2 years, Aunt Lucille had just passed away two weeks before, grandma was quickly deteriorating with Alzheimers (some of the siblings were taking turns caring for her in their homes), and momma had been named executor of Aunt Lucille's will. We got a call from daddy in the early morning hours of Oct. 25, 1996. Momma was having a heart attack and the ambulance was on the way. They took her to Hendricks County Hos. They gave her meds to thin her blood and the pains subsided, but she was in bad shape. They didn't want to do anything else because they thought she needed to improve first, I guess. They basically did nothing but have her rest and watch her for the next few days. My sister got the ball rolling and on Oct. 28, momma was transferred to Indiana University Hospital. Thank God! She had another heart attack that night and it was a bad one. They rushed her to emergency surgery immediately. My brother was staying at the hos. and he and my sister were the only one to see her briefly as they were taking her down the hall. (My sister was able to get there after she received the phone call as they were wheeling momma to OR) This was around 8:30pm. We got to the hospital and heard nothing till approx. 1:00am. I must admit that this was one of the worst nights in my whole entire life. I have been blessed with not just an awesome mother, a praying mother, but she's also mine and my sister's best friend. Read Proverbs 31, that's my momma. I was upstairs at a canteen when a dr came out and told daddy that they had lost momma. She had a very diseased heart and the 1% chance that they could bring her back she would most likely be a vegetable. When, Susie, my Godmother, came to tell me I was devastated! I started crying and when they tried to lead me away I dropped to the floor and began to pray for my momma like I had never prayed before. I reminded God of all she had done, the people she had prayed for, how faithful she had been, and then I told Him that He raised Lazurus from the dead and that I knew He could do the same for her. I don't know how long I prayed but I didn't quit till I was done! We went back downstairs and waited some more. At approx. 7:00am they came and told us that they had to use the paddles 3 times in order to bring her back. They had lost her for 7 minutes and she was without oxygen to her vital organs for 14 minutes. Her aorta was brittle like an eggshell and they couldn't close things off there, they had to do the artery by her leg. They replaced her aorta and 3 other arteries but couldn't find enough good veins in her leg to replace all that needed replaced. They now said she had a 20% chance of living and they still couldn't guarentee the quality of life she would have. We waited some more until they let us go back to see her. Daddy and us kids went back and it was like a nightmare. Her hair was neat, so typical of momma, but she was so still and pale, the breathing tube taped to her face, the other tubes and needles. They told us to talk to her. We asked daddy if he wanted to wheel closer to the bed. He dropped his head, tears falling, and then just wilted. A nurse had to take him to another room to take care of him and I panicked. I ran for Susie, our Pastor and my Godmother. I needed her. She came to be with us.
The days seem to run together and I remember when she finally opened her eyes. We were so worried that they wouldn't be clear and focused and knew that could mean brain damage, but I talked to her and told her that Debbie was there and kind of moved. Her eyes searched and when she found Debbie they stopped. We knew then that she hadn't lost memory and such.
Another time she was looking at the clock. I asked her if she wanted daddy and she shook her head and finally I asked if she just wanted time to hurry and pass and she shook her head yes. Still another when we told her we loved her she mouthed "I love you" amidst all the tubes.
One of the scariest times was when they were weaning her off of the breathing machine. The machine would beep when it was time for her to take a breath on her own, the nurse would wake her and explain what it was and that she needed to take a breath. Then the nurse left and it was just momma and I. I would stand there and each time, make sure I woke her and tell her to breathe. I was so scared. I didn't know it but my brother was watching me for some time through the glass. He understood my fears but knew I had to let her do it on her own. He came in and took me outside the door and told me just to watch. Sure enough, the machine beeped, momma opened her eyes, turned and looked at the machine, and then......she took a deep breath. I was so proud of her but one of the hardest things was not being able to stay and make sure she took each breath herself.
Eventually, momma was completely off of the breathing machine and doing well. The surgeon came in ICU to see momma and told her, "You know we lost you!" Momma told him that she had been told. He told her that she was a "miracle lady." Another surgeon who was in the operating room came to see her before she went home, when thanked him for what he had done he told her, "Don't thank me, Thank Him" and pointed upwards.
Tabitha, my niece, and I spent alot of time at momma's helping her and daddy. Now, 15 years later, I look back and I'm amazed at my momma and what God did for her. I took her back to her heart doctor for a check up and he told her that she healed back better than most and if it wasn't for the staples you wouldn't even know that she'd had open heart surgery. When we wanted to know what kind of life expectancy she had, the doctor couldn't tell us. He said she shouldn't even be here now, so he couldn't say. Momma had more than just human doctors that day, she had a Master Physician in that room and He just wasn't done with her. So many people were praying that night and numerous people were there for us and her. She took care of daddy till he passed away in Dec. 2000, she pastored our church for approx. 6 years, took care of a little lady that couldn't stay home alone, and did so much more and is still going! As of May 2010, momma fulfilled 2 of her dreams. In spite of a broken shoulder and surgery, whe went to Israel in March 2010. She finished up her schooling and was able to go thru the ceremony to receive her high school diploma. Should you let the fact that you're 74 yrs old stop you? Not at all! Momma has now finished her first year in college with a scholarship and on the honor roll I might add! As of today, March 5, 2012, momma is in the second semester of her second year of college. She has also gotten 2 small scholarships!!! :-) She has her own dorm room to stay in whenever she wants and the girls love having her. Momma is loved by all and she loves all!
Once when she was in the hospital she heard a little lady calling out and just had to go down the hall, IV trailing behind, to check on her. That is just the kind of person my momma is!
(UPDATED March 5, 2012)
In May 2014, momma received her diploma with a 3.75 GPA!  God is not done with her yet.  So proud and thankful!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Autumn Days

Well, autumn has always been my favorite time of the year but it has been a rough autumn for me this year. Maybe it's because we've had so much rain this year and the days are so dreary. I don't know but I've already put my fall decorations away and plan to get out Christmas.
Jeremy and Susan went home on Monday and the last I knew things were going well. They are supposed to come back up on Nov. 24th to start the next round of chemo.
We had a teen get together with our church and Salem Park last night and things went really well. We made several flavors of hard candy and made homemade taffy. Alyssa's turned out the best. She wasn't afraid to use plenty of butter on her hands and she pulled like crazy. I may post pics tomorrow. They are still on my camera right now.
We start revival next week with Bro. Hobbs starting on Tues. He is an awesome preacher. He keeps Samantha awake and that's takes someone really interesting. lol
Chris got a 10-point buck yesterday afternoon and we had deer filets for supper tonight.
That's about it for things going on around here...............for now anyway!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My day and my cakes

We had a great day with Jeremy, Susan and their family. They have some awesome kids! I wonder if they threatened them! ha! No, really! The kids were great and had a great time today. Hopefully, the dr. lets Jeremy go home tomorrow or Tuesday. Brooke is bumming. She wants them to just stay the whole time and not go home in between. lol I had it wrong and he has 2 more times to come up for treatments. Now you know I'm not perfect! lol He IS doing better than expected tho.

We were getting ready to go to a viewing of a dear friend and my dear daughter wanted to go outside. I told her not to get dirty and this is what I found her doing. Balancing on a 2X4 on the wood pile.

I did a few more cakes. The check one was for Marvin F. for being treasurer of Salem Park for 50 years.

The guitar one, of course, was for Christopher's 18th birthday. He helped me make sure I placed each knob and such in the right spot. Can you belive he's 18 already????? The check I finished on Friday and the guitar on Sat. I made A LOT of fondant! He loved his cake so it was well worth it!

This is the cake from my last cake decorating class. It was lots of fun. It's sad to be done but then again, I'm glad to be done with driving into Avon so much! The daisies on this cake are done correctly using gum paste. I used fondant for the daisies on the yellow and white cake and they aren't near as pretty. I'm learning. :-)

By the way, the homemade fondant is awesome and it's really hard not to just eat it like candy!
Why couldn't it taste nasty like the kind you buy???? Oh, well!

Short Update

Best news first. Jeremy and Susan have been coming to church while they are here for Jeremy's treatments. He's still doing well. They are coming to momma's for dinner tomorrow. Brooke and Karissa hit it off at Steak and Shake the other night. Girls......lol
I finished my cake decorating classes and have pics of several more cakes but am way too tired to try to put them up tonight. Brooke had a sleepover with Girl Scouts last night and I stayed with them. I should have slept on Brooke little princess blow up matress instead of a blanket on the floor. lol I was in a log cabin and not in a tent so I won't complain! Today I sewed a pair of pants into a skirt for BJ, decorated a bear cake for Daveena, made a roast, PB dessert, painted on some crafts, and made an eclair cake. (After taking a nap from the sleepover) My house is a disaster and I'm hoping to get caught up on Monday. I won't get to do laundry though. After getting my dryer fixed a little over a week ago, now my washer won't spin the water out. It is NOT fun wringing stuff out by hand.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Updates on this and that

I finally had class and did a fondant cake. I'm not overly happy with it but it's ok. I was supposed to use gumpaste for the flowers and used fondant. Oh, well! I'll learn. I made 2 batches of fondant yesterday and a double batch of butter cream icing. I baked 3 cakes today. One was a 12 x 18, a guitar, and an 8" round. The first will be a pay check for so many years of service, the guitar is for Christopher's 18th birthday, and the round is for class Monday!!!!
Now for good news about Jeremy.
This is from Susan, his wife.............
We received good news today, The Leukemia is in remission!!Thank God! We will be in Indianapolis on Sunday evening he starts round 2 on Monday, we got the keys to the apartment on Tuesday when he had the bone marrow done. Jeremy shouldn't have to be hospitalized unless he gets sick or develops an infection. So we should see you in church sometime next week!!
Pretty awesome, huh?
A dear friend passed away, Greg Burket's grandmother, Nellie Brinkman. I need to get ready to go to the viewing so this will be short! later!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just life......

Well, I didn't get to have my cake class because when I got there the teacher had gotten word that a family member had been killed in a motercycle accident. Tuesday was violin lessons, Wednesday was church and I had the lesson for Chris, Thursday was a school field trip with Brooke to Clowes Hall, (they should spell it like it sounds!!!) and Friday I picked Brooke up early for us to go to Louisville. We took momma to see Aunt Lois. We had a great time except I was around alot of cigarrette smoke and got really sick. I mostly lost my voice, which is probably a blessing to my family! lol
Now for the good news...........Jeremy is doing good, he is eating more and quoting Taylanee, his daughter..."he is bald now which i don't care i am just glad he is home now and he went for a check up and he got good news he don't have to go back till tuesday and his white cells are going up and his backmorel is 150,000 which that means that he can drive now!"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Stuff

Wow, what a busy week I had last week and this week isn't much better! I just hope I don't do as many goofy things as I did today. I burnt the chocolate twice on some candy I was making, dumped in too much powdered sugar and had to take some out, dumped in way too many oats in the cookies that Christopher was helping me make (I was TRYING to hurry) and then when I was FINALLY going to get to sit down with my FULL glass of iced tea I somehow knocked it over and spilled it on my skirt, feet and legs, momma's carpet, and.........you get the picture!
Anyway, the last I heard from Taylanee was that Jeremy is doing pretty good. He's home and I'm not sure when he's coming back here for the next round of treatments. He started losing his hair so just shaved it off. I don't blame him. So far so good and when I hear more from Jeremy I'll post it!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jeremy Update

He gets to go home tomorrow. They were waiting to make sure because he had a fever. It went down, and if it's still as planned they will stay home a week and then be back to do it alllll over again. God gave Susan and Jeremy a promise and they are holding on to that. God has been so good. Oh, yeah.......The meds he had to take while at home were thousands of dollars. They were wondering how the were going to manage due to insurance isn't worth much when you have cancer. Well, a nurse got the ball rolling and the meds are going to be taken care of and should already be shipped to their house ready for them when they get there!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Good News

I talked to Susan (Jeremy's wife) and Jeremy was having bad pain in his hip since last night and he was really worried about it. The NP came in and when they asked about it she said it's because his white blood cells are reproducing so quickly. Sat. the #'s were .47, Sun. .61 and today.......97! It's a good thing even tho it's causing him alot of pain. I know prayers are appreciated lots!
Something else (it starts with a g lol) is to be 500 for him to be able to go home for a week. Yesterday the #'s were 30 and today it was two hundred and fifty something. Cool, huh? It doesn't look like God is finished with Jeremy yet.
He has to do this 2 more times but he may be able to stay in an apartment with Susan next time if there is one open. We are praying that there will be!
Now on a rambling note.......I started my Fondant and Gumpaste class tonight. I'm really excited about it. We're going to be doing some awesome stuff. I have an order to make a cake that looks like a check in Oct. and I bought these new edible markers tonight that I think are really gonna help make it look real. Delaney, a girl in cake decorating class, brought homemade fondant that she had made with marshmallows and powdered sugar. It tasted great, which in one way is a bummer because it will not help my diet! lol That's what I'll be using in this class instead of the stinky store bought kind. I'm sure I'll be posting lots of pics of my new creations. I just hope they turn out as neat, for real, as they are in my head. lol

Monday, September 22, 2008

Updates and this and that

Jeremy is still doing well with his chemo and was able to eat just fine until today. He's at high risk for infection right now. They aren't sure his insurance will cover the treatment. They conveniently don't put cancer treatment under medicine coverage. That so aggravates me about insurances!!!!! He should be able to go home in a week or two but they still have to be very careful. He then has to come back two more times for the other rounds. Hopefully, this can be done as an outpatient.
A funny thing......Danny, a good friend, came to stay with Jeremy while his wife, Susan, went home to take care of some business. Danny stayed the nights with us. We gave him Brooke's room and I had put her satin sheets on the bed. He turned over in the night and forgot that he wasn't at home and threw his leg out and fell out of the bed. He said those satin sheets are slick and don't give you much to grab onto. Fortunately, he caught himself before he made a big thud in the floor. It cracked me up. He left cards for us and for Brooke. He thanked her for letting him use her bedroom and sleep on her satin sheets. He put $5 in it for her to buy her some candy. I thought it was sweet. She was so excited!

Brooke is going to be like me when it comes to crafting. She likes for me to go on the porch and craft/Scrapbook/paint or whatever with her. I worked on some pumpkins that I plan to send Mom Watson. Here are some pics......I plan to curl some wire to come out from the stem. I'm not sure if I should do anything else. I'll have to look at some prim fall stuff, I guess.
Here is what Brooke worked on. She painted and worked on the little wooden hearts and then drew and such on the paper. The "Hi" and flower were done with glue and then she sprinkled stuf on them that makes it feel like velvet.

Mom Watson is doing her house primitive and I love it. I wish I had taken pics when I was there. I'll try to remember next time. She and dad have a booth where they sell stuff and dad makes stuff from wood. They gave me this shelf and here is what I done with it.

Right now, I am sick, complements of my sweet husband! He gave it to me and I'm supposed to have a yard sale Thurs. and Fri. I was also supposed to start my fourth course of cake decorating classes today but the teacher told me to just stay home and take care of myself and we'd make it up. I crashed on the couch and poor Chris did a side job and still came home and fixed supper!
Now I am just rambling so will quit for now. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Life is so uncertain and can change so quickly without a moments notice. Sept. has been a crazy month. Brooke got her yearly illness which she does every year when she goes back to school. She started on the 14th of August and missed the 25th and26th with fever, chills, headache, sneezing and a runny nose. Of course, mommy had to catch it after that! On the 29th we went to TN for the Adams Family Reunion. We always look forward to that. We got to spend the weekend with Mom and Dad Watson and Chas and Bridget and their families. It was a great time! Christopher made several trips to the cave at the reunion and was quite muddy when the day was done.

Came home on Labor Day and had to get things ready for the appraisor who was coming Wed. They are going to widen the road in front of our house so needed to know how much to pay us for the yard they are going to use.

Sat. a cousin passed away from cancer but had such a glowing testimony!!!! About a month ago he was really restless and finally seemed to settle down. (They had thought they were gonna lose him) Betty was relieved and thought he would finally rest. I'm not sure how much later but she went to get something by the bed and he said, "I'm back" And she asked, from where or something like that. He told her Heaven. It was like he was in a valley and he saw light and a form and he knew it was Jesus, there were people behind him and there was such peace. Jesus told him to reach out his hand and He would help Herb to reach there and Herb hesitated. Jesus told him that it was ok if he wasn't ready He would give him more time. Herb said yes and he lived another month. Right before he died, Betty reminded him that Jesus would be there to take his hand and that it was ok, and he died peacefully. Pretty awesome, huh?

We went to my cousin's viewing on Wed. and this same week we found out that Jeremy Tooley, a close friend of the family, has luekemia. He's only 31 and has 3 children. He married his high school sweetheart! On Thursday, Chris, Christopher and some friends left to go white water rafting in West Virginia. They went on Friday and what a disaster that turned out to be!!!
The boat tipped over and all were dumped. Christopher (who can't swim) and Greg (my friend Lisa's husband) couldn't make it back to the boat. Both went under and had to ride the rapids til someone could get them. Chris was trying to get to Christopher but fortunately another boat saw him and got a rope to him. Christohper was picked up way before Greg. Christopher said he swallowed lots of water so I'm sure Greg did, too. Greg was too weak to get in the boat and the guys had to lift him. They had to throw out a rope to Christopher. Greg kept vomiting so they had to take him to shore and a bus took him to the vehicle. He couldn't quit vomiting so he is now in the hospital and the guys had to get another motel room. Come to find out he hit his kidney and lung on a rock. It had to be a rock because there wasn't anything else for him to hit. The doctor said whatever he hit, he hit it hard. He was in kidney failure and still has pnuemonia!
Lisa and Jody went to WV and Lisa didn't get home til Thursday of the following week. Bob fell at the motel the next day and sprained his ankle really bad. I hope and pray my guys don't ever want to do this again. I didn't want them to anyway but Chris had promised Christopher years ago that when he was old enough he would take him. That promise is fulfilled and now.....NO MORE! This wife and momma just can't take it. :-)
One awesome story about how God was looking out for Greg...............The administrator for Christopher's school is also the pastor of Lisa's church. He was walking from the church to his house (Greg's truck was parked in the parking lot) and as he passed the truck he said it was like he saw Greg tumbling. He stopped right there by the truck and told God that he didn't know what was happening but he proceeded to pray for Greg. That was Friday, the very day it happened! God sure had his hand on Greg. Christopher said that you were to stay to the left if you got tipped out of the raft, Greg went to the right where there were rocks that you could be sucked under they said you would drown. I'm so glad so many of us were praying for their safety. It pays to pray!!!!!!!
Well, this catches up on some of what's been going on! I'll keep updating on Jeremy.
By the way, Greg went back to work. He's still having some problems with his lung and has to have tests, so prayers are appreciated.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This and That

After Elizabeth and Mark's wedding I kind of crashed for a bit. ha! Came home and started getting stuff ready to go to Washington Camp. The kids always look forward to this time of year. We were only able to go from Fri. to Tues. this year but it was great seeing everyone again! I missed helping out in the kitchen!

Brooke started school Thurs. Aug. 14. I don't like school! I miss my kids. Christopher didn't start until Aug. 25, thankfully. But......he's a senior this year. Sarah took some awesome pics of him and Brooke for me. Here are a few of our handsome son! :-)

And one of our baby girl, who isn't such a baby anymore!

We went rollerblading with Lisa and the kids lots this summer and loved it. Well, the kids roller bladed, Lisa and I walked! lol Sometimes we got together and scrapped afterwards! I'm blessed with an awesome friend!
I know I've left lots out, not that it's gonna break anyone's heart,(ha) but that's the most of it.
My sis and I did pass Course 3 of cake decorating and I'll post the pic of that later. I start Course 4 on Sept. 9.
Christopher wants the computer so I guess I'll catch up the rest some other time!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cakes, Cupcakes, and more Cakes!!!!

We're home. Momma is doing great so far from her cortisone shot.
It hurt when she had it done and she was really numb and couldn't walk at first (almost fell and scared me. lol) We had such a wonderful time this time we were there. Played games, my niece came over and fixed us Chinese food, etc. We laughed so much. We are spending the week home next week and just doing family stuff together.

Heading to Momma's. We're gonna work on flowers for the wedding cake. The lilies have to be made ahead of time so they will dry. We'll be there a few days!

Home but exhausted. I worked another $120 off of the car (we bought it from people I clean for and am paying it off that way) , made 128 lilies for the cake, Baked lots of cakes and cupcakes, made icing, made icing, made icing,......you get the picture! lol Home for 2 days and then back to momma's to assemble and decorate the cake.

Making the lilies!

Peeling the foil off the lilies after they had dried for a few days.

We're heading back to momma's tonight to finish the cakes. We'll work on them tonight and tomorrow. The wedding is Sunday at 11:00. I slept off and on all day yesterday. I just needed to get rested for my busy weekend. :-)

Building the cupcake stand.

Setting up for the wedding.

Almost done!

Elizabeth and Mark's first look!
I love those kids!!!!!
Last Sat. we went to momma's and I started on making the lilies.and got about 25 made. Sun. our church was closed due to the Nascar race and we can't get out (they block the roads) so my sis came over and helped me make some more flowers. After she left, momma helped me finish them up. I would make the flowers, put the green in the bottom, use the brush to smooth it out, sprinkle the edible glitter,(Brooke, also, helped put the sprinkles on) and it took that long for momma or Elaine to just put the stamens in. They were tedious! We made 128. Mon. Elaine and Elizabeth came over and we started baking cakes. We got all of them made and the cupcakes. I made several batches of icing, too.
On Tues. my sis came over and we took all the foil of off the lilies and then after church that night we went home and then back to momma's on Fri. and started on crumb coating the cakes. On the way I went to so many stores trying to find a top and shoes and couldn't find anything. Aunt Lois, momma's sister, was at momma's by this time. Elaine got really sick, vomiting and such and wasn't able to help me any more. Soooooo, everyone pitched in. I iced the cupcakes, momma put the lily on and sprinkled the glitter, I put the leaf on and Aunt Lois put them away. I drew up rough plans for the cupcake holder and Chris cut the wood. Momma and Aunt Lois helped me wrap it in silver, then Chris put it together. Brooke, Chris, and Christopher helped in lots of different ways. Christopher even made some icing for me while I fried green tomatoes. I was so sick of making icing by this time. Sat I iced more cakes and made more icing. Went to some more stores (two different times) had to buy more powdered sugar, ribbon, and other stuff. Actually, finally found a blouse at a USED clothing store that matched perfectly. I had been to C.J. Banks, Christopher and Banks, JC Penney's, Kohl's and couldn't find a thing. It was fun. Went back to momma's and got busy on the cakes. Aunt Lois stayed up with me and done everything she could to help. Anything that needed washed or put away, Aunt Lois was right there to do it. She took lots of pics. :-) I told her I thought I'd have the last cake done by 1:30 am and I was done by 1:25 am. :-)
I got really nervous but by the time we got there and was setting up the cake it was awesome! On the way home after the wedding I told momma and Aunt Lois that I wanted to do it again!!!!
Elizabeth was sooo impressed. I have a pic of her expression when she saw it. I think I wrote a book! lol I'm almost caught up on my blog. Just 15 more days to go! lol
Thanks for listening! :-)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Behind and trying to catch up........

First I want to share this recipe. I made it for momma for Mother's Day and even tho I don't care for circus peanuts.....It was awesome.

Circus Peanut Salad
2 cups boiling water, add 2 small boxes of orange jello, stir, then add 1 bag of circus peanuts and stir until they are melted. I left some small pieces. Put in the fridge til firm. Take out and add 1 lg can of crushed pineapple with juice, 1 tub cool whip, and walnuts or pecans and stir. You can garnish with fruit on the top. I used mandarin oranges.
Now this is gonna be like sharing my diary.....
We came home this evening. Momma is having trouble with a sciatic nerve and possibly a pinched nerve. They are gonna do an MRI! She was in so much pain and I was so helpless to do anything. I took her to the dr. 3 times and took care of her. She's on steroids and pain meds for now. She's hoping and praying that the meds will take care of it and she won't have to have surgery.

I managed to twist 2 of my fingers up in the beaters of the mixer. The knuckle of my one finger was bent backwards. Chris was laying down in the back bedroom at momma's and momma went and got him. I was trying to be big and brave because I didn't want to worry momma. When her and Brooke saw how they were twisted they got all worried. Chris tried to cut them (the beaters)but it wouldn't work.
By this time I was getting so sick from the pain. Momma was looking for different cutters so I let him know how bad it was and I went to the floor. I tried the release several times and it wouldn't work. He finally tried bending them apart and asked if I wanted him to bend them. It helped so much that I was like "oh, please!" He got them apart enough for my fingers to slide out and I basically wilted the rest of the way to the floor.
The pinky is gonna be ok, just sore and skinned. It cut the next finger and the knuckle is kinda weird. I may have to get it checked. I just wanted to finish decorating my cake so Chris mixed my colors for me and helped me put it in the bags! (It was for our pastor's wife) Brooke helped put the tips and stuff in for me. It hurts! Only me. I forgot to unplug the mixer between icings and had put the beaters in and was pushing on them with one hand to make sure they clicked and my other hand must have slipped and hit the on button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cake I made for B.J. "before" I got mixed up in the beaters. This was my first time decorating with whipped cream icing.

This cake was after. Chris mixed the icing colors for me and the kids helped fill the icing bags. The color is really a pretty violet but the camera refused to show that!

Brooke wanted to know if Butterscotch can have pecans and I told her I didn't know. She wanted to know if I could go to whathamsterscaneat.com and see what they can eat! lol
Brooke is talking 90 miles an hour this summer. I don't know what's gotten into her! lol She's doing great at violin lessons. Christopher is away at youth camp. His guitar teacher told him that he is one of his top 2 students and the other guy is 44 and doesn't have as many (something, I always get the name wrong) memorized as Christopher does. He wants to give Christopher 1 hour lessons for the price of 1/2 hour lessons. Christopher said he hadn't been this excited since Christmas! lol
Chris hasn't had as many hours at work and sidework is helping us not to struggle too bad. He's worked some evenings and has been in the best mood lately. Such and jokester and so much fun. Maybe he had been working TOO hard. :-)

July 4, 2008
We were on our way to Lisa's mom's for a big get together and Christopher was heading there from youth camp. Chris' cell rings and it was Christopher. He'd been in a wreck. He was getting on the interstate and it was raining. When he got of the ramp he sped up to get in the flow of the traffic and his truck hydroplaned and spun him. He was headed toward the guard rail and enbankment so corrected but overcorrected and a van hit him and spun him around the other way. He was in the middle of the interstate. He checked to make sure he was ok, dialed 911 and talked to them, and then because his door wouldn't open he crawled out the window. A nurse stopped and stayed with him until the police got there. We went straight there and he was helping the police clean up the debris. His suitcase went to the opposite side of the interstate and stuff was everywhere. When I saw the truck and realized how bad it could have been I just about went to pieces. I am just thanking God so much that Christopher is ok. A friend of ours check him over at Lisa's mom's and worked on his neck and back. He has whiplash and his ribs on one side had come loose and he put them back in place. Christopher felt fine until about 15-20 min after we got to Shirley's and then he started hurting. I put stuff on his back and he fell asleep for hours, even with tons of people there.
My heart hurts for my little boy! I can't imagine the terror and now the pain. You just wish you could take it for them, don't you?

I am so behind on emails, my blog, facebook, housework........ I've been busy with helping momma so much. She is better but I will be there from Sat to Wed as I'm doing some stuff for her and also working for Debi and then Wed I take her for her cortisone shot.
Hoping for a miracle so we can still go to Texas! It cost over $300 just to get Christopher's truck, counting the tow fee and it's totaled. He's still paying on it and we only had liability because it was an older vehicle. Chris van got broken into yesterday and over $2,000 worth of tools were stolen. Some were Chris' and some were his boss'. Insurance won't cover unless Chris has all the receipts and Chris doesn't have enough to be more than the deductible.

They busted out a window on the job site. Chris went in, came out 2 1/2 hours later and it was done.
This was in July! Elaine and I did this cake together in class. It's actually fondant on a box. We don't like the bought fondant and didn't want to ruin a real cake! :-)

Well, this catches me up to mid July.........Now I'll try to catch up on the rest later. Making Elizabeth's wedding cake etc. That was a blast!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

20th Anniversary and Other Stuff!

As of May 20, 2008, Chris and I have been married 20 years! Chris surprised me with a trip to TN, a Chalet, and even had a babysitter lined up! We had an awesome time. Here is Chris in front of the chalet. It was called Tranquility.

The jacuzzi inside of the chalet.

Chris and I on the back deck. It was so beautiful.

We went to lots of shops. Anywhere I wanted to go and he didn't rush me AT ALL! Cool, huh?
He even took me to TWO scrapbook stores. They were pretty great! One of them has everything in the store 50% off. I think I have a pretty awesome husband!!!!
We decided that next year we want to go again and take the kids.

Lisa and I are going to the park once a week to take the kids roller blading and we walk! I look forward to it each week. Afterwards, we reward ourselves with scrapbooking! :-) The above pic is Aunt E-Lisa and Brooke.

Our cake decorating teacher had surgery and had to cancel our class. I already had this cake ready and iced so decided to decorate it however I wanted. Elaine had made custard to put in the center and the cake was a butter cake. It was delicious!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mother's Day, Violin Lessons, High School Teacher, etc.

I had an awesome Mother's Day! I got a digital photo key chain. It is sooo cute! We spent the day at momma's with my sis and her hubby, my niece, and a friend of momma's. Elaine and I both decorated a cake for momma. We did the decorating there so she could watch us. Momma and Dorothy watching and the finished cakes.

The cakes were so good and moist. There were lots of compliments until I told them that I had made it healthier for momma and that it was reduced sugar!!!! ha!
Here is a pic of Brooke taking violin lessons! She's doing really good! I never realized how much work and time you had to put into it tho!!!

MiChelle, Lisa, Greg, Chris and I were so blessed to have the best high school teachers in the world! Sadly, they moved to Hobe Sound, FL after Chris graduated. I sure have missed them.
Anyway, Carol and Briann came up for Lisa's daughter's 8th grade graduation and I got to spend some time with them. We went to Gray Bro's and ate with them, the Beers, and Burkets and then went to the park. Carol helped Brooke learn to roller blade and Brooke fell in love with her and Briann. It was so good to see Carol and spend time with her and Briann, but.......now it makes me miss them more! :-(
Carol and Aunt E-Lisa putting on Brooke's roller blades!

I love this picture!

Let's see..................Oh, Chris surprised me for our anniversary! Big time! He got help from some friends and planned a trip to Gatlinburg, TN to stay in a Chalet! I didn't have a clue!
20 years and you know what??? I'd marry him all over again! (not just because of the TN trip, either! lol)
We just spent a lazy day home together for Memorial Day and tomorrow we plan to take the kids roller blading and, I HOPE, do some scrapbooking. I gotta go get some housework done so that I can!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying once again......

Scrapbook pages that I did when Lisa came over.......

Yeah! It worked this time. This is Christopher on a school field trip.

This is Brooke at the same place on a different field trip a week or two apart.

Well, it's time to take Brooke to violin lessons so..........I'll try to update more tonight!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A bunch of updating ATTEMPT 3

I was not done with my last post and hit the wrong button. I tried again and aol or something froze up and I lost it all. Now, I'll try again.
Here are some of the scrapbook pages.........................
Actually, no there's not! Aol or something will not upload or even go to where I can. I quit for now and will try later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bunch of updating 2

I was NOT done and hit the wrong button! Now for some pics of my scrapbook pages...............

Wow, that didn't come out very clear but you get the idea. This is Christopher on a school field trip at Glendale. I thought this was a pretty setting for pics. The paper and stickers are Stampin' Up. I love their scrapbook stuff.

Brooke at the same place, different time, on a GS field trip.

A bunch of updating

Well, I'll start out with the Camporee! Momma and Aunt Lois did some good praying 'cause I got a call and they had someone for me to ride with. I didn't have to drive after all and Chris came and picked us up. I was soooooo glad. We had a really good time. We slept in a yert! That word cracks me up, but it's a round tent on a deck. Oh, and it has a real door. Here are some pics from the camporee.

The Yert!

Brooke and Ashlyn eating a banana boat! Mmmmmmmmm, talk about good! You slice a banana with the skin on it, stuff it with marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap it in foil, and stick it in the coals. It is so gooey and rich!
Lisa and I scrapbooked May 2 and I got quite a bit done. (Not as much as her, as usual) ha
I scrapped 2 others days, just because my stuff was out and handy. I've made 3 cards, too.

Friday, April 18, 2008

How to edit?

I see so many mistakes I have made and I tried to edit my posts and it doesn't save my edits!
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? (Besides spelling words wrong, not spacing correctly, etc. lol)

Am I Crazy?

I am going with Brooke on a Girl Scout Camporee! Lots of girls, sleeping in a tent, 38 years old.....need I say more? I will be happy tho, because it'll make Brooke happy. I learned the hard way with Christopher that kids grow up soooooo fast. I think what I dread the most is driving there. I HATE to drive even more than I hate to mate socks!!!!!!! I'll be ok, tho. Momma and Aunt Lois are praying for me. :-)

May 3, is National Scrapbook Day! I would like to scrapbook the whole entire day and not have to do anything else! Think it's gonna happen? ha!

Here are a couple roses I made. It blurred after I put it on the blog. Oh, well. This is on the cake I made in class.

The red one I made at home before class. Come to find out.....I've been making them backwards. Why am I not surprised?And here is my dear daughter practicing making leaves. She actually did better than a lady in my class. I was impressed! :-)I guess I should get things done before I have to leave for camp. I think I should take a nap. Yeah, that sounds really good right now. It's probably the best thing I could do to get ready. Later.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wanted: Motivation

I am so looking forward to the kids getting out of school and being home but.....WHY must the last two months be so hectic. I think I'm so behind it'll take all summer to get caught up. lol
I'm enjoying the things that we are doing.......Field Trips, Girl Scouts trips, Revival, School Programs, Fund Raisers,(ok, I DON"T enjoy them, except for Girl Scout cookies. They sell themselves)etc. but it gets old having to rest so much in between so that I'm able to do them. It's like, OK, I have cake decorating classes Tues., church Wed., so I better rest up on Thurs. and Fri. so I can go on the Girl Scout Camping trip on Fri. night. Ugh!
Ok, vent over. I AM thankful that at least my problems aren't terminal but I would like to be normal now and then. (No comments on that one, please! lol)

Anyway, I do have one positive.......I have kept my laundry caught up even tho we are in Revival. THAT is an accomplishment! lol
I did practice rose making this week. My sis and I are making my niece's wedding cake so we are gonna be making a lot of practice cakes. Anyone want some cake?????? Actually, I've done alot on my own and so has my sis. A friend, Sandra, showed me how to do some of it and the rest I learned by trial and error. I love to make gingerbread houses, too. Anyway, my niece went and tried wedding cakes from professional places and didn't like them so asked my sis to do it. Elaine's like, "Sure, and Eddyth will help!" lol I'm excited about it, really. I've always wanted to take Cake Decorating classes so this is something on my list of things I want to do in life that I will be able to mark off.
I need motivation to............go thru all kinds of stuff that's been stored away while we were adding on to/remodeling our house. The hardest part of the house is done but I really just haven't found the motivation to drag stuff out and get rid of. Actually, I did go thru some magazines and other stuff while I was sick because I could do that sitting but now I need to do the BIG stuff. I need my momma. She is a warden (A sweet warden, tho. lol) when it comes to getting me and my sis to deep clean but she's been sick. Momma is soooooo organized! Kinda like Lisa! Hey, my scrapbook stuff is organized! Does that count? lol

I am rambling on and on like someone wants to hear all of this. Oh, well! I'm having fun! lol
Brooke started violin lessons Thurs. and she is so excited about it. I didn't tell her but I am listening and plan to try my hand at it. I'll practice when she's at school! :-)

Christopher got his first vehicle, a truck. My little boy is growing up. I am sooooo sad when I think about him going to college and he still has one more year of high school left. I guess that's normal.

I guess I'll get off of here for now but thought I would share something I did with scrapbook paper. Christopher did his room in electric guitars and I couldn't find a double light switch cover to match so I made one by hodge podging paper onto a plain one. He really liked it so I guess mom did ok. :-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A little bit of this and that

I did a little bit in spite of my "sickness"! I am SOOOOOO sick of being sick! If it isn't my crazy fibro then I catch some goofy bug from anywhere and everywhere. It seems like just about the time things start to dry up a little and I start feeling better, they predict rain again. UGH! Ok, enough venting! The shelf and sconces were brown and made to look like wood. It just didn't go with my new wall color so I painted them. I think I'm really gonna like it. I do need to put another candle in there. lol

Two nights ago I went in to tell my DD 8 goodnight. She wanted me to lay down with her for a minute so I did. We cuddled and I told her I needed to get to bed and she said ok. Then I got to talking to her, telling her that I loved her, that she had a special place in my heart that NO ONE could take and she was like "Bubby, too!" I told her yes and then was rubbing her face, pushing her hair back etc and she pipes up and says, "So do you want me to tuck you in, or what?" lol I think she was ready for me to get to bed. She was tired! That's my girl!

Here she is jumping off the wood pile that is waiting for the log splitter!!!! I did get some really cute pics that day.
My niece is getting married and we are having a shower for her Sat. I have been stressing because I'm sick and want to get things done. I'm hoping to make the mints instead of buying them. Homemade is soooo much better! UGH! My body has betrayed me. I even missed church tonight. Phooey!
Anyway, hopefully, next week will be better. The kids are on Spring Break and we have some plans. Let's hope I can keep them. I'm hoping to scrapbook with friends on Thurs. Oh, yeah, Hopefully, I'll feel better by this Friday. Lisa and I are gonna get together and scrapbook while the guys get together! I'm looking forward to it!!!!!