Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging and other stuff

You know......I love to read people's blogs! I like watching the videos they put up to show you how to make crafts. Love finding new recipes. Enjoy seeing decorating ideas. But......I have become so lazy about doing my own blog! I've learned lots of new techniques in stamping and scrapbooking that I could share. I actually have......on my cell phone! lol Take pics, send 'em to my niece. But then I have to take that itty bitty card out of my phone, put it in my SD card, put that in the printer, wait for it to come up, save them, sign into my blog etc. etc. Like I said......I've been lazy.
Well, I'm gonna try to remedy that! I HAVE succeeded in some of my goals for the year! I have several dr. bills paid off, I'm getting my savings up there, I lost a few (ok, very few but it's still a loss) pounds, and I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff and still organizing. If I'd just quit moving large furniture and then moving bones out of place I would probably have a lot more done!!
I'm actually getting my scrap/craft area fixed up and Chris said he'd put a ceiling fan in! I'm loving it!!

Here's momma and Judy getting ready to fly off to Israel! They had a wonderful time! Prayers sure got thru for momma as she was able to do most everything. Walking for miles, up and down steps, and she'd like to go back! :-)

So proud of a very special nurse, who is a wonderful friend! She won an award in the "Salute to Nurses 2010" nomination! I was asked to write a letter and here it is.........
Donna Austgen: “Salute-To-Nurses” nomination for 2010
It is my honor to nominate Donna Austgen for the 2010 "Salute-To-Nurses". In 1984, when I was 15, I was in an auto accident that splintered my right femur. I was in the hospital and in traction for over 2 months. My bones just wouldn't heal and we were looking at surgery and possibly the surgery not even working. Donna was a bright spot in each and every day that she was there. As a teen who had never been in the hospital, having to have someone help bathe me and do so much for me was not easy. But Donna made me laugh and put me at so much ease, that I was bummed on the days that she had off. She didn't only take care of me, she spent time with me. We talked and laughed as I recorded us on my "tape player", she explained things about procedures on our movie camera, and so much more. She was so wonderful, not only to me, but also to my family. I cannot explain what her fun and laughter and wonderful care did for a very scared 15 year old girl.
6 years later Donna was the nurse who did the pregnancy test and told my husband and I that we were going to have our first baby. Many times she's spent time talking with me on the phone and sent me cards. How many nurses are still in contact with a patient 25 years after taking care of them? Donna genuinely cares for others from her heart! I cannot think of a more deserving person to nominate for this award.
I could make this a super long post but.......I think I'll save some for another day! Hopefully, before two months go by! :-)