Saturday, November 15, 2008

Autumn Days

Well, autumn has always been my favorite time of the year but it has been a rough autumn for me this year. Maybe it's because we've had so much rain this year and the days are so dreary. I don't know but I've already put my fall decorations away and plan to get out Christmas.
Jeremy and Susan went home on Monday and the last I knew things were going well. They are supposed to come back up on Nov. 24th to start the next round of chemo.
We had a teen get together with our church and Salem Park last night and things went really well. We made several flavors of hard candy and made homemade taffy. Alyssa's turned out the best. She wasn't afraid to use plenty of butter on her hands and she pulled like crazy. I may post pics tomorrow. They are still on my camera right now.
We start revival next week with Bro. Hobbs starting on Tues. He is an awesome preacher. He keeps Samantha awake and that's takes someone really interesting. lol
Chris got a 10-point buck yesterday afternoon and we had deer filets for supper tonight.
That's about it for things going on around here...............for now anyway!

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