Monday, May 26, 2008

Mother's Day, Violin Lessons, High School Teacher, etc.

I had an awesome Mother's Day! I got a digital photo key chain. It is sooo cute! We spent the day at momma's with my sis and her hubby, my niece, and a friend of momma's. Elaine and I both decorated a cake for momma. We did the decorating there so she could watch us. Momma and Dorothy watching and the finished cakes.

The cakes were so good and moist. There were lots of compliments until I told them that I had made it healthier for momma and that it was reduced sugar!!!! ha!
Here is a pic of Brooke taking violin lessons! She's doing really good! I never realized how much work and time you had to put into it tho!!!

MiChelle, Lisa, Greg, Chris and I were so blessed to have the best high school teachers in the world! Sadly, they moved to Hobe Sound, FL after Chris graduated. I sure have missed them.
Anyway, Carol and Briann came up for Lisa's daughter's 8th grade graduation and I got to spend some time with them. We went to Gray Bro's and ate with them, the Beers, and Burkets and then went to the park. Carol helped Brooke learn to roller blade and Brooke fell in love with her and Briann. It was so good to see Carol and spend time with her and Briann, it makes me miss them more! :-(
Carol and Aunt E-Lisa putting on Brooke's roller blades!

I love this picture!

Let's see..................Oh, Chris surprised me for our anniversary! Big time! He got help from some friends and planned a trip to Gatlinburg, TN to stay in a Chalet! I didn't have a clue!
20 years and you know what??? I'd marry him all over again! (not just because of the TN trip, either! lol)
We just spent a lazy day home together for Memorial Day and tomorrow we plan to take the kids roller blading and, I HOPE, do some scrapbooking. I gotta go get some housework done so that I can!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying once again......

Scrapbook pages that I did when Lisa came over.......

Yeah! It worked this time. This is Christopher on a school field trip.

This is Brooke at the same place on a different field trip a week or two apart.

Well, it's time to take Brooke to violin lessons so..........I'll try to update more tonight!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A bunch of updating ATTEMPT 3

I was not done with my last post and hit the wrong button. I tried again and aol or something froze up and I lost it all. Now, I'll try again.
Here are some of the scrapbook pages.........................
Actually, no there's not! Aol or something will not upload or even go to where I can. I quit for now and will try later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bunch of updating 2

I was NOT done and hit the wrong button! Now for some pics of my scrapbook pages...............

Wow, that didn't come out very clear but you get the idea. This is Christopher on a school field trip at Glendale. I thought this was a pretty setting for pics. The paper and stickers are Stampin' Up. I love their scrapbook stuff.

Brooke at the same place, different time, on a GS field trip.

A bunch of updating

Well, I'll start out with the Camporee! Momma and Aunt Lois did some good praying 'cause I got a call and they had someone for me to ride with. I didn't have to drive after all and Chris came and picked us up. I was soooooo glad. We had a really good time. We slept in a yert! That word cracks me up, but it's a round tent on a deck. Oh, and it has a real door. Here are some pics from the camporee.

The Yert!

Brooke and Ashlyn eating a banana boat! Mmmmmmmmm, talk about good! You slice a banana with the skin on it, stuff it with marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap it in foil, and stick it in the coals. It is so gooey and rich!
Lisa and I scrapbooked May 2 and I got quite a bit done. (Not as much as her, as usual) ha
I scrapped 2 others days, just because my stuff was out and handy. I've made 3 cards, too.