Monday, July 20, 2009

When life changes your plans

Wow, I had so many plans for this summer! I was gonna organize my house bigtime, Chris was gonna get all four floors torn up and redone, I would take the kids roller blading and walk lots with Lisa and her kids, etc. etc. Approx. 6 months ago or more I was having problems with nausea off and on. With a med change and such I blamed it on that, then it kept getting worse and I started getting heartburn. Pregnancy was a thought but no, it wasn't that! So after eating Uncle Rays BBQ chips and almost instantly getting heartburn I think.......I'm getting older and now I just can't eat really spicy stuff! Now I know what it is!!! Not so! We have a 50th birthday party for my sis (complete with Famous Dave's BBQ and about everything they serve, KFC, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge, and a Juke Box cake) and I get sicker than I think I have ever been in my life! (Vomiting like 20 times) Ididn't eat much bbq but figured it must have been enough. Too make a long story short......that was Sat. night. By Monday morn I was still so sick I decided to drive myself to immediate care. (I wasn't sick the whole time, just off and on) The dr told me it was my gall bladder and he made me an appt. at the hospital to have tests done that day. I had an inflamed gall bladder, sludge, and gall stones. He did NOT want me to get one in a duct! I got so bad Tues. night that we went to emergency but they just gave me morphine and crazy pills! (Lortab) Wed. I went to the surgeon and he scheduled surgery for Friday. Sure enough.......a stone had gotten in the duct going into my gall bladder and stopped it up so hence the bad pain! Crazy emergency doc just wanted to get me out of there! 6 gall stones and gall bladder taken out and I was a happy camper! Well, not really! I heard all these awesome stories about how everybody felt so good afterwards that they either went shopping the very same day or had family over for a get together a couple days later etc. that I expected to feel awesome! Not so! It took me a week! Leave it to me!

Chris and Christopher took the oppurtunity to tear up what needed to be of the kitchen floor and put down my new hardwood! Chris cleaned the outsides of my cabinets, fridge, and painted and put up my kitchen border! It looks awesome. element in my oven had went out and when Chris went to pull it out to get the numbers off of the back the whole front glass shattered! Big time! I have to wait 7-10 days to get that in! So back to momma's to bake the cakes for Marilyn and Larry's 50th wedding anniversary! We came back home Friday, got the cakes decorated, went to the party Sat. then to Tab's for Chris to split wood, (mopmma went with us) Sun. BJ and Sam came home with us, and today I am sick with some bug that Brooke so sweetly shared with me! What a summer I have had! lol But I truly enjoyed all my time with momma even tho I was recovering from surgery etc. Chris plans to tear up the bathroom and large hallway either this week or next so that it'll be done before Brooke starts school. Christopher has to be at college by Aug. 18 and I try not to think about that! I will miss him so much!
Now that I have written a book trying to catch up I think I'll add the pics to this post! :-)