Thursday, November 15, 2012


Wow, life has sure thrown us some crazy curves but I still have much to be thankful for.  I took Brooke for what I thought was a normal dentist visit and many x-rays, tests, and appts later we are waiting to hear what the best plan of action is!!!  She has a tooth that grew toward her nose instead of into her mouth and they think a cyst or tumor caused it to do so. So thankful that they say it is not cancer, tho.
I did finally finish my Grateful Journal that was the Creative Dare from Tracy and I'm quite pleased, if I do say so myself.  lol  I'm not real good with the camera I used so the colors in some of the pages aren't true but at least you'll get the gist of what I'm thankful for.  :-)

I cannot imagine life without God!  I turn to Him when there is no one else to turn to. I'm thankful for the plan of Salvation and His forgiveness and mercy.
I am also blessed with a wonderful church and church family.  Our Pastor and his wife are the best!  I thank God for them.
I'm thankful for "Love" and for the love of my life......Chris.  In May it will be 25 years and I wouldn't trade him.

I am blessed with a multitude of friends. My besties,  Fibro friends, Family friends, Art Journal friends, just lots and lots of friends.  I love my friends!  <3 p="p">

Music!  What a blessing music is.  So many times I've sang and played the piano until I could smile in spite of the pain or fears.

 I sure have awesome family. Too many to go into names but I am blessed extremely with close loving family.

Art and "Mixed Media Monday" seems to go hand in hand.  At a time when life was so scary and I was facing things that I never imagined I would face......I found Tracy and art!  Through Tracy I gained a group of art journal friends that are such a blessing to me.  God knows just what and who we need and when. :-) favorite time of the year!  I LOVE to walk through the leaves and hear the crunch under each foot step. I love the colors, I love the leaves blowing in the wind, the leaves on the ground, decorating my house.....I just love Autumn!  :-)

I could go on and on with my many blessings but alas the journal only had so many pages.  lol  I truly am blessed far more than I deserve!