Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sept Mixed Media Monday Dare

  Check out Tracy's monthly dare and see all the great entries.

 The background is used baby wipes from when I'm painting.  I tore the clouds and bush out of a baby wipe, too. The house is just background papers cut up.  I am tired and wasn't even going to do the dare since I've been so down because of physical issues but decided to "buck up" and do it.  I'll add more details later.

I used sequin waste and shelf liner for stamp texture.  Notice that my tree was an after thought and I had already done my cloud.  I may put some leaves there later.  lol  I did a little doodling and that made it fun.  The roof is from the paint roll off when I was playing with my gelli plate. 

The contentment is a little squished so I may redo it later. I actually loved doing this and it did help.  I should listen to Tracy more often.  :-)  And below is what happens when you decide to art journal to and from church. I now have a nice little pattern on my skirt.  lol