Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Momma

     I'm sitting here tonight feeling a lot of emotions. It's kind of funny because the roles are reversed but in a good way. In just 2 days my momma, at the age of 78, will be walking down the aisle to receive her college diploma.

My sister and I will be decorating her table and beaming with pride as the daughters, instead of the mother.

 I think back to Oct. 28, 1996, when the dr came out of the OR where momma was having emergency heart surgery and told us she was gone. They were still working with her but the 1% chance they could bring her back she would most likely be in a vegatative state for the rest of her life. Using the paddles 3 times, being 14 minutes without oxygen to her vital organs, they replaced and repaired what they could and now said she had a 20% chance of living. It wasn't an easy recovery but God wasn't done. When she was finally weaned off of the breathing machine and able to talk she told the surgeon "thank you" for what he had done. He had just said to her, "You know we lost you."  The surgeon looked at her, pointed to heaven and said, "Don't thank me, Thank Him"  They couldn't even give her a time of how much longer she had to live because they said she shouldn't have lived. (The drs weren't even able to find enough good veins to replace all the bad one's and she had a diseased heart) In Oct. 2014, it will have been 18 years. Momma took care of daddy, who was paraplegic, until he passed away in 2000, finished high school and graduated at the ACE headquarters in TN, pastored a church, went to Israel, and is now graduating college. No one need ever tell me that my God is dead or that He isn't still working miracles. My momma is a miracle and I thank God everyday for her. I never want to take for granted how blessed I am to have Geraldine Francis as my momma and that God allowed me to see, first hand, that He still works miracles today.