Friday, April 18, 2008

How to edit?

I see so many mistakes I have made and I tried to edit my posts and it doesn't save my edits!
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? (Besides spelling words wrong, not spacing correctly, etc. lol)

Am I Crazy?

I am going with Brooke on a Girl Scout Camporee! Lots of girls, sleeping in a tent, 38 years old.....need I say more? I will be happy tho, because it'll make Brooke happy. I learned the hard way with Christopher that kids grow up soooooo fast. I think what I dread the most is driving there. I HATE to drive even more than I hate to mate socks!!!!!!! I'll be ok, tho. Momma and Aunt Lois are praying for me. :-)

May 3, is National Scrapbook Day! I would like to scrapbook the whole entire day and not have to do anything else! Think it's gonna happen? ha!

Here are a couple roses I made. It blurred after I put it on the blog. Oh, well. This is on the cake I made in class.

The red one I made at home before class. Come to find out.....I've been making them backwards. Why am I not surprised?And here is my dear daughter practicing making leaves. She actually did better than a lady in my class. I was impressed! :-)I guess I should get things done before I have to leave for camp. I think I should take a nap. Yeah, that sounds really good right now. It's probably the best thing I could do to get ready. Later.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wanted: Motivation

I am so looking forward to the kids getting out of school and being home but.....WHY must the last two months be so hectic. I think I'm so behind it'll take all summer to get caught up. lol
I'm enjoying the things that we are doing.......Field Trips, Girl Scouts trips, Revival, School Programs, Fund Raisers,(ok, I DON"T enjoy them, except for Girl Scout cookies. They sell themselves)etc. but it gets old having to rest so much in between so that I'm able to do them. It's like, OK, I have cake decorating classes Tues., church Wed., so I better rest up on Thurs. and Fri. so I can go on the Girl Scout Camping trip on Fri. night. Ugh!
Ok, vent over. I AM thankful that at least my problems aren't terminal but I would like to be normal now and then. (No comments on that one, please! lol)

Anyway, I do have one positive.......I have kept my laundry caught up even tho we are in Revival. THAT is an accomplishment! lol
I did practice rose making this week. My sis and I are making my niece's wedding cake so we are gonna be making a lot of practice cakes. Anyone want some cake?????? Actually, I've done alot on my own and so has my sis. A friend, Sandra, showed me how to do some of it and the rest I learned by trial and error. I love to make gingerbread houses, too. Anyway, my niece went and tried wedding cakes from professional places and didn't like them so asked my sis to do it. Elaine's like, "Sure, and Eddyth will help!" lol I'm excited about it, really. I've always wanted to take Cake Decorating classes so this is something on my list of things I want to do in life that I will be able to mark off.
I need motivation to............go thru all kinds of stuff that's been stored away while we were adding on to/remodeling our house. The hardest part of the house is done but I really just haven't found the motivation to drag stuff out and get rid of. Actually, I did go thru some magazines and other stuff while I was sick because I could do that sitting but now I need to do the BIG stuff. I need my momma. She is a warden (A sweet warden, tho. lol) when it comes to getting me and my sis to deep clean but she's been sick. Momma is soooooo organized! Kinda like Lisa! Hey, my scrapbook stuff is organized! Does that count? lol

I am rambling on and on like someone wants to hear all of this. Oh, well! I'm having fun! lol
Brooke started violin lessons Thurs. and she is so excited about it. I didn't tell her but I am listening and plan to try my hand at it. I'll practice when she's at school! :-)

Christopher got his first vehicle, a truck. My little boy is growing up. I am sooooo sad when I think about him going to college and he still has one more year of high school left. I guess that's normal.

I guess I'll get off of here for now but thought I would share something I did with scrapbook paper. Christopher did his room in electric guitars and I couldn't find a double light switch cover to match so I made one by hodge podging paper onto a plain one. He really liked it so I guess mom did ok. :-)