Sunday, November 9, 2008

Short Update

Best news first. Jeremy and Susan have been coming to church while they are here for Jeremy's treatments. He's still doing well. They are coming to momma's for dinner tomorrow. Brooke and Karissa hit it off at Steak and Shake the other night.
I finished my cake decorating classes and have pics of several more cakes but am way too tired to try to put them up tonight. Brooke had a sleepover with Girl Scouts last night and I stayed with them. I should have slept on Brooke little princess blow up matress instead of a blanket on the floor. lol I was in a log cabin and not in a tent so I won't complain! Today I sewed a pair of pants into a skirt for BJ, decorated a bear cake for Daveena, made a roast, PB dessert, painted on some crafts, and made an eclair cake. (After taking a nap from the sleepover) My house is a disaster and I'm hoping to get caught up on Monday. I won't get to do laundry though. After getting my dryer fixed a little over a week ago, now my washer won't spin the water out. It is NOT fun wringing stuff out by hand.

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