Monday, September 22, 2008

Updates and this and that

Jeremy is still doing well with his chemo and was able to eat just fine until today. He's at high risk for infection right now. They aren't sure his insurance will cover the treatment. They conveniently don't put cancer treatment under medicine coverage. That so aggravates me about insurances!!!!! He should be able to go home in a week or two but they still have to be very careful. He then has to come back two more times for the other rounds. Hopefully, this can be done as an outpatient.
A funny thing......Danny, a good friend, came to stay with Jeremy while his wife, Susan, went home to take care of some business. Danny stayed the nights with us. We gave him Brooke's room and I had put her satin sheets on the bed. He turned over in the night and forgot that he wasn't at home and threw his leg out and fell out of the bed. He said those satin sheets are slick and don't give you much to grab onto. Fortunately, he caught himself before he made a big thud in the floor. It cracked me up. He left cards for us and for Brooke. He thanked her for letting him use her bedroom and sleep on her satin sheets. He put $5 in it for her to buy her some candy. I thought it was sweet. She was so excited!

Brooke is going to be like me when it comes to crafting. She likes for me to go on the porch and craft/Scrapbook/paint or whatever with her. I worked on some pumpkins that I plan to send Mom Watson. Here are some pics......I plan to curl some wire to come out from the stem. I'm not sure if I should do anything else. I'll have to look at some prim fall stuff, I guess.
Here is what Brooke worked on. She painted and worked on the little wooden hearts and then drew and such on the paper. The "Hi" and flower were done with glue and then she sprinkled stuf on them that makes it feel like velvet.

Mom Watson is doing her house primitive and I love it. I wish I had taken pics when I was there. I'll try to remember next time. She and dad have a booth where they sell stuff and dad makes stuff from wood. They gave me this shelf and here is what I done with it.

Right now, I am sick, complements of my sweet husband! He gave it to me and I'm supposed to have a yard sale Thurs. and Fri. I was also supposed to start my fourth course of cake decorating classes today but the teacher told me to just stay home and take care of myself and we'd make it up. I crashed on the couch and poor Chris did a side job and still came home and fixed supper!
Now I am just rambling so will quit for now. :-)

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