Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A little bit of this and that

I did a little bit in spite of my "sickness"! I am SOOOOOO sick of being sick! If it isn't my crazy fibro then I catch some goofy bug from anywhere and everywhere. It seems like just about the time things start to dry up a little and I start feeling better, they predict rain again. UGH! Ok, enough venting! The shelf and sconces were brown and made to look like wood. It just didn't go with my new wall color so I painted them. I think I'm really gonna like it. I do need to put another candle in there. lol

Two nights ago I went in to tell my DD 8 goodnight. She wanted me to lay down with her for a minute so I did. We cuddled and I told her I needed to get to bed and she said ok. Then I got to talking to her, telling her that I loved her, that she had a special place in my heart that NO ONE could take and she was like "Bubby, too!" I told her yes and then was rubbing her face, pushing her hair back etc and she pipes up and says, "So do you want me to tuck you in, or what?" lol I think she was ready for me to get to bed. She was tired! That's my girl!

Here she is jumping off the wood pile that is waiting for the log splitter!!!! I did get some really cute pics that day.
My niece is getting married and we are having a shower for her Sat. I have been stressing because I'm sick and want to get things done. I'm hoping to make the mints instead of buying them. Homemade is soooo much better! UGH! My body has betrayed me. I even missed church tonight. Phooey!
Anyway, hopefully, next week will be better. The kids are on Spring Break and we have some plans. Let's hope I can keep them. I'm hoping to scrapbook with friends on Thurs. Oh, yeah, Hopefully, I'll feel better by this Friday. Lisa and I are gonna get together and scrapbook while the guys get together! I'm looking forward to it!!!!!

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