Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cakes, Cupcakes, and more Cakes!!!!

We're home. Momma is doing great so far from her cortisone shot.
It hurt when she had it done and she was really numb and couldn't walk at first (almost fell and scared me. lol) We had such a wonderful time this time we were there. Played games, my niece came over and fixed us Chinese food, etc. We laughed so much. We are spending the week home next week and just doing family stuff together.

Heading to Momma's. We're gonna work on flowers for the wedding cake. The lilies have to be made ahead of time so they will dry. We'll be there a few days!

Home but exhausted. I worked another $120 off of the car (we bought it from people I clean for and am paying it off that way) , made 128 lilies for the cake, Baked lots of cakes and cupcakes, made icing, made icing, made icing, get the picture! lol Home for 2 days and then back to momma's to assemble and decorate the cake.

Making the lilies!

Peeling the foil off the lilies after they had dried for a few days.

We're heading back to momma's tonight to finish the cakes. We'll work on them tonight and tomorrow. The wedding is Sunday at 11:00. I slept off and on all day yesterday. I just needed to get rested for my busy weekend. :-)

Building the cupcake stand.

Setting up for the wedding.

Almost done!

Elizabeth and Mark's first look!
I love those kids!!!!!
Last Sat. we went to momma's and I started on making the lilies.and got about 25 made. Sun. our church was closed due to the Nascar race and we can't get out (they block the roads) so my sis came over and helped me make some more flowers. After she left, momma helped me finish them up. I would make the flowers, put the green in the bottom, use the brush to smooth it out, sprinkle the edible glitter,(Brooke, also, helped put the sprinkles on) and it took that long for momma or Elaine to just put the stamens in. They were tedious! We made 128. Mon. Elaine and Elizabeth came over and we started baking cakes. We got all of them made and the cupcakes. I made several batches of icing, too.
On Tues. my sis came over and we took all the foil of off the lilies and then after church that night we went home and then back to momma's on Fri. and started on crumb coating the cakes. On the way I went to so many stores trying to find a top and shoes and couldn't find anything. Aunt Lois, momma's sister, was at momma's by this time. Elaine got really sick, vomiting and such and wasn't able to help me any more. Soooooo, everyone pitched in. I iced the cupcakes, momma put the lily on and sprinkled the glitter, I put the leaf on and Aunt Lois put them away. I drew up rough plans for the cupcake holder and Chris cut the wood. Momma and Aunt Lois helped me wrap it in silver, then Chris put it together. Brooke, Chris, and Christopher helped in lots of different ways. Christopher even made some icing for me while I fried green tomatoes. I was so sick of making icing by this time. Sat I iced more cakes and made more icing. Went to some more stores (two different times) had to buy more powdered sugar, ribbon, and other stuff. Actually, finally found a blouse at a USED clothing store that matched perfectly. I had been to C.J. Banks, Christopher and Banks, JC Penney's, Kohl's and couldn't find a thing. It was fun. Went back to momma's and got busy on the cakes. Aunt Lois stayed up with me and done everything she could to help. Anything that needed washed or put away, Aunt Lois was right there to do it. She took lots of pics. :-) I told her I thought I'd have the last cake done by 1:30 am and I was done by 1:25 am. :-)
I got really nervous but by the time we got there and was setting up the cake it was awesome! On the way home after the wedding I told momma and Aunt Lois that I wanted to do it again!!!!
Elizabeth was sooo impressed. I have a pic of her expression when she saw it. I think I wrote a book! lol I'm almost caught up on my blog. Just 15 more days to go! lol
Thanks for listening! :-)

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