Sunday, November 9, 2008

My day and my cakes

We had a great day with Jeremy, Susan and their family. They have some awesome kids! I wonder if they threatened them! ha! No, really! The kids were great and had a great time today. Hopefully, the dr. lets Jeremy go home tomorrow or Tuesday. Brooke is bumming. She wants them to just stay the whole time and not go home in between. lol I had it wrong and he has 2 more times to come up for treatments. Now you know I'm not perfect! lol He IS doing better than expected tho.

We were getting ready to go to a viewing of a dear friend and my dear daughter wanted to go outside. I told her not to get dirty and this is what I found her doing. Balancing on a 2X4 on the wood pile.

I did a few more cakes. The check one was for Marvin F. for being treasurer of Salem Park for 50 years.

The guitar one, of course, was for Christopher's 18th birthday. He helped me make sure I placed each knob and such in the right spot. Can you belive he's 18 already????? The check I finished on Friday and the guitar on Sat. I made A LOT of fondant! He loved his cake so it was well worth it!

This is the cake from my last cake decorating class. It was lots of fun. It's sad to be done but then again, I'm glad to be done with driving into Avon so much! The daisies on this cake are done correctly using gum paste. I used fondant for the daisies on the yellow and white cake and they aren't near as pretty. I'm learning. :-)

By the way, the homemade fondant is awesome and it's really hard not to just eat it like candy!
Why couldn't it taste nasty like the kind you buy???? Oh, well!


Anonymous said...

We are home!!Jeremy' white count was down a little more but the Dr. was still happy with his progress. He starts round 3 on Nov. 24(Ithink it is a mon.) Well as usual since I am home I can't remember all the things I wanted to do!! Thanks for dinner and fellowship yesterday , we all had fun! The kids were griping in the truck last night they wanted us to invite you over!!We told them next time!! Good Bye Susan

Anonymous said...

Okay, so what's the deal with fondant? I always heard that it tastes gross and stuff. Do you eat it? Is it a part of the cake you eat? Is homemade fondant better than store-bought? What's the difference?

As you can tell, I'm terribly curious about fondant, and have been since I started watching Ace of Cakes. Now I know someone I can actually ask these questions.

Sharing My Thoughts said...

Store bought fondant is nasty and smells like stinky feet. No kidding!!! I make it homemade with marshmallows, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and a little water. It is so good. The kids always want to cut chunks of it off to eat like candy. (to be honest, so do I lol)
You ice the cake with buttercream icing, roll out the fondant and put it over the cake. After the holidays I'll have to make a cake and take it to your mom's when you are here some time. Just let me know ahead of time. Then you'll know first hand how it tastes and you can disect the cake. :-)