Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making a skirt from a pair of jeans

I had done this years ago for some of my girls at church. It seems it's all the rage now. :-)
I did find some tips to make it easier, tho.

$5 find at Rue 21

Learned that if you want the frayed look just cut along the inside seam instead of taking
all that time to rip the seams out. Love that idea! :-)

My daughter wanted her skirt really long and she's pretty tall so I didn't have
much from the bottom of the legs to work with. I noticed the skirt she had on
was done something like the one above so I was able to fill the front in and part
of the back.

I used some striped jean that I had and sewed strips together to fill in the back.
This is the 3rd skirt I've done recently. I have many more to do thanks to my sons
girlfriend for the jeans to make them with. :-)
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spiced Hot Caramel Cider

The first time my hubby took me to Starbucks and bought me a Hot Spiced Caramel Cider I was hooked. But.......the price was enough that I refused to spend that much money even tho I loved it. I had a coupon for Starbucks so decided to get something. I watched the girl behind the counter make one of the cider drinks and thought......I can do that at home. is how I did it. It's great with apple cider but you can use apple juice and it's not as expensive.

Simmer your apple juice and mulling spices using the amount it tells you to on the package.
If you can't find the mulling spices you can get the spices ground and mixed in a little carton
at most little markets.
I used sugar free Caramel ice cream topping. Put plenty in there. :-)

Stir well and put whipped cream on the top. I have little caramel sugar sprinkles that I put on top, too! My hubby loves this and has even taken it in his thermos when he goes hunting! :-)
I know it's summer and this is not when most people are wanting hot drinks gives you plenty of time to find any ingredients you may not have! :-) Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to make marshmallow fondant

This is probably the easiest way I've found to make the fondant. But....I add 1 tsp of vanilla and 1/8 tsp of almond extract. You can add the coloring in at anytime.

Marshmallow fondant cupcake toppers

Brooke has a new hobby of making miniatures with polymer clay. She is so creative and does a great job. When my bestie asked for a shopping themed cake or cupcakes for her daughter, making fondant mini shapes came to mind. It was a lot of fun and even more so when Brooke helped me make some of the toppers.

Shopping bag with mini receipt.
Shoe with price tag that Brooke made.

Purse with matching wallet.

Sooooo, after the fun with this, I saw an idea for our 4th of July cookout. Cupcake grills with shish kabobs, hamburger/cheeseburgers, and hot dogs. I did find out that I want a pasta maker for making small rolls of fondant. lol I resorted to making the grill from icing after rolling so many from fondant.