Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Month

Did you know that there are some people who celebrate their birthday aaaallllll month and not just on that day?  I'm thinking that's a wonderful idea.  I think I'm doing a pretty good job at it so far.  At least this week.  I got gifts and a card Sunday, another gift and card Tuesday, more cards and $ Wednesday and lots of love and wishes (which are the best) Hubby took me out to eat tonight and I got more gifts.  I am loving this!  lol  I feel pretty loved by the way.  One of my favorite birthday wishes is the one I found on my bathroom mirror from my hubby.  (I still haven't cleaned it off and I'm OCD.)  lol
I had so much fun skyping (is that a word) today with Tracy Burgos and Teri Barefoot.  I completed 2 stamps for give-aways.  I plan to have my daughter draw names at the end of this week.   I'm actually getting better at making them.  Never too old to learn. ;-)
I am feeling pretty happy and blessed tonight and just wanted to blog a tad about it.  I love my momma, hubby, kiddos, friends......and just everybody.  lol
Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Foam Stamp

Well, once I got interested in art journaling I just started checking all kinds of websites, video clips, etc to find what I could.  Cassy, my son's girlfriend, draws this really neat flower and I told her I wanted her to teach me how to draw it.  Then I decided to look on youtube.  So you guessed it.....I started drawing simple flowers and then just kept adding little things as I see ideas.  Ok, I'm starting to ramble here so long story short.....after I did the foam stamp video my mind got to running all over the place.  Why could I draw a flower, put it on the thin foam, indent the places on it to make detail, and make my own custom stamp?  As I have been doing quite often A.T.(After Tracy lol) I tried it!  I'm actually happy with it. Here are a couple pictures below.  The first one is the flower I drew using a graphite pencil. I then burnished it onto the craft foam, used a sharp pencil to press the details into the foam and cut it out.
 The yellow one is the stamp and the other flower is the stamped image.  I know I could improve on it but I'm actually pleased.  :-)
I love this "art journal" thing and I don't think Tracy has any idea of how much she is teaching but also helping others heal by journaling through art.
Tracy will be doing her own art show this weekend and I couldn't be happier for her.  Check out some of her work here.....

Angels in my Life

Wow, where does the time go? I'm thinking back to a very scared girl in my 20's that had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after fearing cancer and arthritis.  There wasn't very much information out there and I really didn't understand this thing that was taking my energy and causing so much pain. Looking things up on the internet I found a message board for fibro.  And there is where the real story begins.  I didn't find just a message board that I could get information from but friends. No, family!  Exchanging gifts at Christmas and even the occasional white elephant exchange.  :-) A cyber shower when they found out I was expecting a surprise, but longed for little one. Presents from all over and even gifts for my little boy.  They didn't want him to feel left out. What love my little Brooke was given from people who I had never seen in person but loved me as if they'd known me all my life.  Some of us have met in person but not all, some have left this earth much too soon we feel in our hearts, but we have a love and understanding that I don't think you'd find very often. When daddy passed away there were so many cards and flowers and more. So many crisis in life but we are there for each other. Maybe not in person but in every other way.  And the prayers......we've seen miracles occur!!!!  One thing I love about my fibro family.......In the middle of the night when sleep is hard to come by......we can pour our hearts out to each other and know that it won't be long before someone is reading it, saying a prayer for you, and giving words of comfort or wisdom, whatever is needed.  Do we all believe the same? Are we the same race? Come from the same walks of life?  Share the same political beliefs?  Not at all and that's what makes it even more awesome!  We agree to disagree agreeably and still love each other unconditionally! So I would have to say......these are angels in my life.  I don't know if I let them know just how much I really love and appreciate them.  I hurt when they hurt! I want to be by their side to help ease their burdens but since I can't.....I pray for them and try in some way to let them know I care.  I must say I am truly blessed because not just everyone has angels like mine!!!!  I thank God for my angels!