Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This and That

After Elizabeth and Mark's wedding I kind of crashed for a bit. ha! Came home and started getting stuff ready to go to Washington Camp. The kids always look forward to this time of year. We were only able to go from Fri. to Tues. this year but it was great seeing everyone again! I missed helping out in the kitchen!

Brooke started school Thurs. Aug. 14. I don't like school! I miss my kids. Christopher didn't start until Aug. 25, thankfully. But......he's a senior this year. Sarah took some awesome pics of him and Brooke for me. Here are a few of our handsome son! :-)

And one of our baby girl, who isn't such a baby anymore!

We went rollerblading with Lisa and the kids lots this summer and loved it. Well, the kids roller bladed, Lisa and I walked! lol Sometimes we got together and scrapped afterwards! I'm blessed with an awesome friend!
I know I've left lots out, not that it's gonna break anyone's heart,(ha) but that's the most of it.
My sis and I did pass Course 3 of cake decorating and I'll post the pic of that later. I start Course 4 on Sept. 9.
Christopher wants the computer so I guess I'll catch up the rest some other time!!!

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