Monday, April 27, 2009


I opened the blinds and the beautiful rays of sunshine peeking through did lots for my spirits this morning! I am so happy to see sunshine! Now......if I can just get over this bug that I have. I am thankful to be feeling better than I was. I might even have a little bit of motivation! lol That is.....after this cough med wears off and I'm not so sleepy. April has been a rough month with sickness. Both kids were sick and then me again.........

Momma is coming over tomorrow to spend the day with me and I so love being with her!

My dear, sweet hubby took Saturday and devoted it to me and took the kids and I out for breakfast and then took me to some stores that I had been wanting to go to. We went to Kohl's and my ragged, jean and pull over shirt wearing son got "Dress shoes, 2 ties, and dress shirts"!!! Wow, did he clean up nice for Sat. night and Sun! :-)

I bought a bunch of totes and plan on organizing Brooke's toys so that she can get to them easily AND put them away easily! lol The putting away being the key part here!!!! I also want to organize my yard sale stuff so that the garage isn't such a mess. I hope to get rid of alot at the yard sale and what's left.......I'll give to Good Will or some such store! I just don't enjoy keeping stuff around that I want to get rid of.

We had a great time camping with the Gilley's and Tooley's and look so forward to doing it again soon! I loved it!

All of us girls on the beach at the campgrounds!

Bubby helping Brooke reel her fish in. He hadn't caught anything yet and we stopped by to see the guys while they were fishing. Brooke just wanted to cast one time before we left. Bubby helped her and within minutes.....she had a fish!!! :-)

Group picture of us without Danny so.......
Here's Danny and Teresa! :-)
One thing Christopher MUST have on any trip! One of his guitars!!!!
Well, lest my post get too boring I'll quit and try to post some more highlights of my most exciting life later! lol