Saturday, June 7, 2008

20th Anniversary and Other Stuff!

As of May 20, 2008, Chris and I have been married 20 years! Chris surprised me with a trip to TN, a Chalet, and even had a babysitter lined up! We had an awesome time. Here is Chris in front of the chalet. It was called Tranquility.

The jacuzzi inside of the chalet.

Chris and I on the back deck. It was so beautiful.

We went to lots of shops. Anywhere I wanted to go and he didn't rush me AT ALL! Cool, huh?
He even took me to TWO scrapbook stores. They were pretty great! One of them has everything in the store 50% off. I think I have a pretty awesome husband!!!!
We decided that next year we want to go again and take the kids.

Lisa and I are going to the park once a week to take the kids roller blading and we walk! I look forward to it each week. Afterwards, we reward ourselves with scrapbooking! :-) The above pic is Aunt E-Lisa and Brooke.

Our cake decorating teacher had surgery and had to cancel our class. I already had this cake ready and iced so decided to decorate it however I wanted. Elaine had made custard to put in the center and the cake was a butter cake. It was delicious!

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