Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Life is so uncertain and can change so quickly without a moments notice. Sept. has been a crazy month. Brooke got her yearly illness which she does every year when she goes back to school. She started on the 14th of August and missed the 25th and26th with fever, chills, headache, sneezing and a runny nose. Of course, mommy had to catch it after that! On the 29th we went to TN for the Adams Family Reunion. We always look forward to that. We got to spend the weekend with Mom and Dad Watson and Chas and Bridget and their families. It was a great time! Christopher made several trips to the cave at the reunion and was quite muddy when the day was done.

Came home on Labor Day and had to get things ready for the appraisor who was coming Wed. They are going to widen the road in front of our house so needed to know how much to pay us for the yard they are going to use.

Sat. a cousin passed away from cancer but had such a glowing testimony!!!! About a month ago he was really restless and finally seemed to settle down. (They had thought they were gonna lose him) Betty was relieved and thought he would finally rest. I'm not sure how much later but she went to get something by the bed and he said, "I'm back" And she asked, from where or something like that. He told her Heaven. It was like he was in a valley and he saw light and a form and he knew it was Jesus, there were people behind him and there was such peace. Jesus told him to reach out his hand and He would help Herb to reach there and Herb hesitated. Jesus told him that it was ok if he wasn't ready He would give him more time. Herb said yes and he lived another month. Right before he died, Betty reminded him that Jesus would be there to take his hand and that it was ok, and he died peacefully. Pretty awesome, huh?

We went to my cousin's viewing on Wed. and this same week we found out that Jeremy Tooley, a close friend of the family, has luekemia. He's only 31 and has 3 children. He married his high school sweetheart! On Thursday, Chris, Christopher and some friends left to go white water rafting in West Virginia. They went on Friday and what a disaster that turned out to be!!!
The boat tipped over and all were dumped. Christopher (who can't swim) and Greg (my friend Lisa's husband) couldn't make it back to the boat. Both went under and had to ride the rapids til someone could get them. Chris was trying to get to Christopher but fortunately another boat saw him and got a rope to him. Christohper was picked up way before Greg. Christopher said he swallowed lots of water so I'm sure Greg did, too. Greg was too weak to get in the boat and the guys had to lift him. They had to throw out a rope to Christopher. Greg kept vomiting so they had to take him to shore and a bus took him to the vehicle. He couldn't quit vomiting so he is now in the hospital and the guys had to get another motel room. Come to find out he hit his kidney and lung on a rock. It had to be a rock because there wasn't anything else for him to hit. The doctor said whatever he hit, he hit it hard. He was in kidney failure and still has pnuemonia!
Lisa and Jody went to WV and Lisa didn't get home til Thursday of the following week. Bob fell at the motel the next day and sprained his ankle really bad. I hope and pray my guys don't ever want to do this again. I didn't want them to anyway but Chris had promised Christopher years ago that when he was old enough he would take him. That promise is fulfilled and now.....NO MORE! This wife and momma just can't take it. :-)
One awesome story about how God was looking out for Greg...............The administrator for Christopher's school is also the pastor of Lisa's church. He was walking from the church to his house (Greg's truck was parked in the parking lot) and as he passed the truck he said it was like he saw Greg tumbling. He stopped right there by the truck and told God that he didn't know what was happening but he proceeded to pray for Greg. That was Friday, the very day it happened! God sure had his hand on Greg. Christopher said that you were to stay to the left if you got tipped out of the raft, Greg went to the right where there were rocks that you could be sucked under they said you would drown. I'm so glad so many of us were praying for their safety. It pays to pray!!!!!!!
Well, this catches up on some of what's been going on! I'll keep updating on Jeremy.
By the way, Greg went back to work. He's still having some problems with his lung and has to have tests, so prayers are appreciated.

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