Monday, October 13, 2008

Just life......

Well, I didn't get to have my cake class because when I got there the teacher had gotten word that a family member had been killed in a motercycle accident. Tuesday was violin lessons, Wednesday was church and I had the lesson for Chris, Thursday was a school field trip with Brooke to Clowes Hall, (they should spell it like it sounds!!!) and Friday I picked Brooke up early for us to go to Louisville. We took momma to see Aunt Lois. We had a great time except I was around alot of cigarrette smoke and got really sick. I mostly lost my voice, which is probably a blessing to my family! lol
Now for the good news...........Jeremy is doing good, he is eating more and quoting Taylanee, his daughter..."he is bald now which i don't care i am just glad he is home now and he went for a check up and he got good news he don't have to go back till tuesday and his white cells are going up and his backmorel is 150,000 which that means that he can drive now!"

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