Wednesday, March 16, 2011


You know, as a little girl I dreamed of growing up, getting married, having children, and having a fairy tale life and everything just going great! Well, I wish the rest of the world had gotten the note so it could have happened that way. lol I did get part of my dream, tho! I have a great husband who is a wonderful daddy, 2 awesome kids (most of the time) that I wouldn't trade for anything, a home where everyone loves God and attends church and we love each other. Throw in the fact that my son's girlfriend loves us and enjoys being with us and that makes for some happy times!
But...........sometimes the rest of the world isn't so happy and then our lives are kinda miserable. I wonder why people lie when it's obvious to all around that they are lying. Do they truly think we're that stupid or have they convinced themselves???? I so wish I knew how to help them. It's sad when you love the people but fear being around them because you never know what will be told about you.
Sometimes I think it would be so awesome to move far, far away and take my little family with me and hide out from the world. Then I start to think about how I'd want to take momma, then my sis, and couldn't take her without her hubby and daughter and family, then my besties, then I'd need to take their families..........and the list goes on Why must I love people so much? Why do I care so much when others are hurt? It would be easier if it was aimed at me.
So, I guess I'll just muddle along and keep asking God for wisdom to know how to deal with all that life has thrown me this last year. It has been one of the worst years of my life but yet some of it has been the best, in spite of the bad! In the end, one thing I know.......God is Good!!!