Friday, February 6, 2009

Miracle's still happen!

Wow, alot can happen in a day! Yesterday, Chris walked in from the hallway and from the look on his face you could tell it was bad. He had just gotten off of the phone from Jeremy and the dr had told him that his leukemia was back. From the bone marrow test the dr was 99% sure it was back and wanted him to start chemo last night. He and Susan didn't have stuff or the kids so wanted to go home and come back today. The dr agreed. Today when they got there Jeremy took off his phone and started to get ready for the dr and the dr came in and told him not to get too comfortable that he was going home. They got the more sensitive test back and it showed 95% that the cancer was GONE! Jeremy is like, ok you tell me last night you're 99% SURE I have it and now 95% sure I don't. How can I get my hopes up when you might tell me the test was wrong and I have it again? The dr said maybe something in the shots Jeremy had been taking could have altered the first test but he said that it wasn't logical and that there was no logical reason that it could show up he had cancer and now that he didn't but if they took his counts and they were up and could be assured the cancer was gone. Well, they took the test and they were as follows......
Yesterday Today
Blood Count 1.8 2.4
Platlets 29 34
Hemoglobon 8.3 8.5
Every one was up. Jeremy told the dr that alot of people had been praying for him and the dr's reply......"They must have prayed all night!" Susan said you hear about this happening to other people but you don't expect it for yourself!

On a sadder note, Granny went home to be with Jesus on Jan. 27, 09! She had a very peaceful home going and I am sure she is enjoying her pain free time with Jesus and loved ones. Please, pray for the family.