Friday, February 8, 2008

Well, people that know me know that I have fibromyalgia, bursitis, and arthritis. You never know when it will knock me for a loop. I have been noticing that high stress times, overdoing on things, rainy weather, and below zero weather tend to be factors of high pain. Anyway, I am just thankful that it isn't something worse as I thought before I was diagnosed. At least I can live with this and be with my family! I did find a really neat site on fibro today and I'll post it on the right side of my blog.

Yesterday, I made a pen holder from paper towel and a toilet paper roll. A girl on the scrapbooking discussion message board told about her making one so................I tried it! It turned out pretty cute even tho I'm not the best at altering things. Here are a few pics!

It's so good to feel like doing something again. I did one scrapbook page yesterday and actually FELT like doing some housework!

A friend of mine said life with me is never dull........Well, yesterday I was so cold so I opened the wood stove door, pulled a chair up, and sat reading a devotion book. I scooted a log I had put in with my foot slipper caught on fire! You should have seen how fast I got that slipper off. lol It went right out and is only missing some of the fuzzy in the front! Then I'm going to make a cup of coffee, the microwave beeps and I get the cup out. It's completely empty! I forgot to put the water in. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm wanting to try to do some cleaning on the porch where my scrap area is so I better get busy while I have Chris here to help me! Have a great evening!

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