Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have found a blog that I truly like!!!! It's on organizing your home and I really want to do this.
Our house has been such a mess with all the addition and remodeling. Chris has been working in the garage and put in cabinets and built a workbench, so...... that got stuff off of the front porch so I can now organize my craft/scrap area. I remember the days when my housework was done by 1 pm and I could sit and do whatever I wanted..........Those were the days! lol
Now, that I'm feeling better I want to really try to follow some of these ideas! I have already made a chore list for the kids and they are doing great! It sure helps me. Anyway, I'm gonna put the website to the right for anyone that would like to check this blog out. Lisa is so organized that I should just hire her, but.........I'm not sure she could take some of the messes she'd find! lol It just might do her in and I need her! I am inspired and I think I'll take pics of before and after to share. My sis is working on organizing her house so maybe we can spur each other on.
I did get some scrapbooking done last night. I want to finish Holiday World so I can start on something else for our big crop Friday night!!!!!! Two more pages and HW is done! Woo Hoo!
Something crazy to leave you with...............We have new kitchen cabinets and we have handles on these. Well, for some reason the other day when I went to open the silverware drawer my fingers slid all the way down to the knuckles on my hand. I could get all of my fingers loose except for my middle finger. I tried and tried. Fortunately, My junk drawer is two drawers under that and I was able to get a screwdriver and loosen the handle so I could get my finger out! Leave it to me, as my sister would say!
Have a great day!

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