Sunday, March 1, 2009


Wow, alot has happened since I last blogged! We went to Washington and spent time with the Tooley's and had a great time and Christopher took the opportunity to take Debra out on Valentine's Day and seal-the-deal of going steady! I'll post some pics later but a certain little girl is wanting the computer! lol
Debra was able to stay with Valerie during Preacher/Lay Convention so we got to spend alot of time with her. The services were awesome and Debra is a sweetheart.
My cousin, Phillip, had to go to the hospital and was in heart failure. He already has emphysema and had pneumonia, and then has the heart failure on top of it. He's been on life support but they were able to turn the oxygen down and now he's breathing quite a bit on his own. He's opening his eyes alot more and it seems to be when momma and Aunt Lois are talking to him or going to pray for him. He's still in ICU but the dr. said he is slowly improving. They have more hope now. Monday they are doing surgery on his lung to clean it due to the pneumonia. I haven't heard more today but will update as I hear.
Thanks for all prayers~

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Diane said...

Thanks for posting about Phillip.
Tell your "little boy" congrats on his GF.