Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy Life

First of all, Phillip is home and doing well. Pretty good for a guy who was just on life support and little over a week ago and not much hope to live. He will have to make a diet change and such in his life but.......He is alive!

I have been soooo busy this week. I forgot how much work it was to make a wedding cake AND I had Aunt Lois and Momma helping me with washing things when I did Elizabeth and Mark's!

I got the cake done earlier this afternoon and don't have to have it set up until tomorrow at 2pm.

I guess I did good! :-) Here are a couple pics.

The cake topper will be in the center of the circle of roses. The second pic is my favorite of the three cakes!
I took Brooke to violin lessons Tues. and before that went to a couple stores.
Wed. we went to church, Wendy's to meet friends, and Kroger before heading back home.
Thurs. we went to B.J.'s school program
and today I finished the cakes. Tomorrow we set up the cakes and I will probably crash after we get home!!!! It was fun, tho, and I'd do it again! :-)
Next week I get to get caught back up on the housework for company that is coming for the weekend. At least I pretty well kept caught up on the laundry.
I have a recipe to share later for Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies! They were Great!!!!


Diane said...

Eddyth the cake was all the rave at the wedding. Everyone thought it was beautiful.
People were still telling me how beautiful it was Sunday at church.
You did great girl!!
Now you can rest awhile.

Leah said...

hey eddyth the cake was gorgeous. I just got a blog so if you'd like to see it you can go
I haven't put any pictures or anything on there yet but I'm working on it.

Sharing My Thoughts said...

Thank you, thank you!!!! lol
I could have showed you soooo many mistakes! ha! But Elaine is right, even if there are, once you get it together you usually don't even notice!
Thanks again!