Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daily Life and Update on Phillip

Brooke had her first violin recital and did a great job. In this pic she was practicing before the actual recital.

Debra and Christopher. She was describing something and I can't remember what. Her sound effects were great! :-)

Christopher took this one on his cell phone and I have no idea how to make it larger. I like it, tho!

My hanging ladder after I added my miniature kitchen tools to it!
Chris was able to go to work yesterday and today. He left work Thurs. and even made is own dr. appt. I knew he was really sick! lol He had some contagious virus and was down til Monday. He had me worried!
Phillip had a drainage tube put in his lung and if he does ok today they may be able to take him off of life support. He is responding to them. The nurse will tell him to hold up 2 fingers and he will, etc. He tries to move his lips and gets frustrated, I'm sure he's wanting to talk to them. Last night the drain was working well, so if it continues they won't have to do the 2nd surgery. I hope and pray they don't have to!
I felt sick yesterday so didn't get much of anything done. I cannot get warm even tho I have an awesome fire going! I like winter but I am so ready for spring! (except for tornados)
I am ready to get back to my organizing. I am on a mission!

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Chris looks way different!