Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Foam Stamp

Well, once I got interested in art journaling I just started checking all kinds of websites, video clips, etc to find what I could.  Cassy, my son's girlfriend, draws this really neat flower and I told her I wanted her to teach me how to draw it.  Then I decided to look on youtube.  So you guessed it.....I started drawing simple flowers and then just kept adding little things as I see ideas.  Ok, I'm starting to ramble here so long story short.....after I did the foam stamp video my mind got to running all over the place.  Why could I draw a flower, put it on the thin foam, indent the places on it to make detail, and make my own custom stamp?  As I have been doing quite often A.T.(After Tracy lol) I tried it!  I'm actually happy with it. Here are a couple pictures below.  The first one is the flower I drew using a graphite pencil. I then burnished it onto the craft foam, used a sharp pencil to press the details into the foam and cut it out.
 The yellow one is the stamp and the other flower is the stamped image.  I know I could improve on it but I'm actually pleased.  :-)
I love this "art journal" thing and I don't think Tracy has any idea of how much she is teaching but also helping others heal by journaling through art.
Tracy will be doing her own art show this weekend and I couldn't be happier for her.  Check out some of her work here.....


Shawna Martinez said...

holy carp! your stamp is AWESOME!!!!! good on you sister <3


Cheryl Waters said...

Love this!!! Beautiful work!

Sharing My Thoughts said...

Aw, Thanks girls! :-)