Thursday, July 7, 2011

Marshmallow fondant cupcake toppers

Brooke has a new hobby of making miniatures with polymer clay. She is so creative and does a great job. When my bestie asked for a shopping themed cake or cupcakes for her daughter, making fondant mini shapes came to mind. It was a lot of fun and even more so when Brooke helped me make some of the toppers.

Shopping bag with mini receipt.
Shoe with price tag that Brooke made.

Purse with matching wallet.

Sooooo, after the fun with this, I saw an idea for our 4th of July cookout. Cupcake grills with shish kabobs, hamburger/cheeseburgers, and hot dogs. I did find out that I want a pasta maker for making small rolls of fondant. lol I resorted to making the grill from icing after rolling so many from fondant.

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