Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making a skirt from a pair of jeans

I had done this years ago for some of my girls at church. It seems it's all the rage now. :-)
I did find some tips to make it easier, tho.

$5 find at Rue 21

Learned that if you want the frayed look just cut along the inside seam instead of taking
all that time to rip the seams out. Love that idea! :-)

My daughter wanted her skirt really long and she's pretty tall so I didn't have
much from the bottom of the legs to work with. I noticed the skirt she had on
was done something like the one above so I was able to fill the front in and part
of the back.

I used some striped jean that I had and sewed strips together to fill in the back.
This is the 3rd skirt I've done recently. I have many more to do thanks to my sons
girlfriend for the jeans to make them with. :-)
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Janet said...

Neat idea.

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Love it! I make a LOT of denim skirts (I make all of my own) and am always looking for new creative ideas!

Blue Eyed Beuaty Blog