Saturday, May 7, 2011

A good blogger.......I am not!

I so love reading other blogs and getting ideas! I love the tutorials on how to make things and have used so many of them but alas......I'm just not like those other people! lol I kind of got myself so busy that if I could sit down at the computer I didn't want to have to think about what I'm writing, upload pics, etc. That seemed like work! lol (also, went thru one of the worst years of my life and really didn't want to put that kind of thing on a blog.) Cleaning houses, taking Brooke to school 2 days, homeschooling, spending time with momma, etc. sure didn't help me get "our" house cleaned! :-( So....I have decided that a huge deep cleaning and getting rid of lots of stuff is the answer. I am on my way but soooooooo slowly that it is somewhat maddening. lol 2 weeks and school is out and I think I am almost as happy as my girl!!!!
I have learned so many new things craft-wise and I really want to share. I think I will link to some of the awesome people that I have found online that have taught me so much!!!
Well, Happy National Scrapbooking Day from the girl who hasn't scrapped all day and probably won't. That's ok! I will and got the cards from the card swap I was in and loved them and also made my momma pretty happy. I joined extra groups for her and that was a gift from me to her!

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