Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the search for.........

Motivation! Energy, would do! Actually, I'd be happy with just feeling pretty good! I've tried coffee and energy drinks to no avail. It seems if there is a bug and I get anywhere near it.......I'm gonna get it. I recently heard of something called "probiotics". Anyone heard of it? A friend of ours who has beat leukemia but is still taking chemo is taking it and it seems to be doing it's job.
I'm having a Stampin' Up party at momma's tonight and still don't have the cheese balls made, still need to do more laundry, dishes, sort the rest of the girl scout cookies, take a shower, and a whole list of other stuff! (by the way, it's already 12:32 in the afternoon) I'm supposed to go scrappin' tomorrow night and I need to get my stuff together for that. Wow, now this is starting to sound like a whine session! lol! I think I could sleep for a straight 24 hours and still be sleepy. Perhaps I need iron. Perhaps just a swift kick in the behind would work??? UGH!
I read so many stories in magazines about how someone found this awesome pill/drink/powder, you name it, and they have such energy and now they aren't sick/tired/ achy etc anymore! Why can't I find one of those? lol

I was loving all the snow but.......considering that our schools around here rarely believe in 2 hour delay's, let alone snow days........I think I'm ready, almost, for spring. I just don't like the storms spring brings but I think I'm done with snow.
Ok, I think all the coffee I'm drinking isn't doing a thing for my motivation but is messing with my mind! I am getting off of here and I WILL get something done! For real! Seriously! Ta ta for now!

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Mindy said...

I found you!! I will try to add you to my list on my blog in the next few days. Good luck with all your stuff to do!:) You know how motivated I am...