Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cake Bakers needed!

I think someone should start a business of doing nothing but baking cakes for decorators to buy! The cake baking is not fun! The decorating is a blast!
So.........6 cakes baked and crumb coated and 7 to go!!!! Getting ready to bake one more tonight and make some fondant and then I'm done til in the morning!
Momma went to Israel and is having such a good time. She'll be back on her birthday and I can hardly wait! I miss her! I can't wait to see her pics and hear her stories. Just talking to her on the phone is so neat. She has absolutely loved it and I'm so glad she got this opportunity to fulfill one of her dreams!
Well, this will probably be one of my shortest blogs.........I have way too much too do to ponder over things to write! Besides, I think my brain has short circuited!!!!
Sleep well!

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Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea, about the bakery. Although I wonder how much you could charge for that... I suppose a lot of decorators would pay extra not to have to make a cake themselves?