Thursday, January 8, 2009

Memorable Moments

When I was younger it seems like there had to be something big going on for it to be a memorable day but as I "age" (lol) I am finding that it doesn't take much for moments to be so special. Tonight is an example....I was fixing supper (we had a breakfast meal for supper) and Brooke wanted to know if she could make the orange juice. She did it all my herself. Then as I was making biscuits she wanted to know if she could help. She cut them all out, helped knead it together, and flattened it to cut the rest out. I so enjoyed that time with Brooke and look forward to more nights of us fixing supper together. I wouldn't trade the times of our family just being home together, playing a game, reading together, listening to Odyssey together, and much more. Those are truly the most memorable moments to me!

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