Thursday, January 8, 2009

December and what it can bring

Reading the Christmas Story!

December was a busy month and so different than what I planned. I was voted in (along with my hubby) to be in charge of the church Christmas Program because of sickness and I have new appreciation for our normal leader! :-) But.....I have to say, our kids did an awesome job and I am very proud of them! We headed to momma's the Sat. before Christmas so we could get the church set up for the play. Elaine had to come get us so because our car wouldn't start and Chris was gone hunting. So, of course, my plan was....... Chris would get home, fix the car, we'd stay a night or two at momma's and be back home to finish all that baking and candy making that I had started in my fridge! WRONG! First of all, we got to momma's and I thought Butterscotch was dead! I know it's sounds dumb but that crazy hamster has won this family over. I checked her and she was in a fetal position, very cold, and not moving that I could see. I knew I had to tell Brooke. Well, I tell her, she starts to cry, and I have this box fixed to put her in so that we could bury her later. I got her out and the silly thing takes a breath. I wrapped her in a towel and called a vet. They said I could try vegetable baby food! So......Here I am running to the store and getting one jar of baby food. I get back to momma's and she had a syringe that I started using to try to get her to eat. Finally, I could see her mouth moving and then her tongue. I would gently press a little at a time. Well, I guess once I wasn't so gentle because green baby food went all on Butterscotch, my top, etc. Scared myself, let me tell ya! Fortunately, it didn't give her a heart attack and she continued to eat a little more and drink some water. I held that thing for probably an hour. Anyone that knows me and my ocd with animals and cleanliness knows I had to be worried. lol After that hour, she was trying to get away and go check things out. I think I'll become a vet! ha! Anyway, when Brooke found out, she took me to the side and told me that she prayed that God would let her live, even if for just a little bit. The faith of a child. Butterscotch is alive and well and fatter than ever today. :-)
Anyway, back at the home front, Chris found out it was the starter and decided to hit it with the hammer to see if he could get it to momma's to work on it. It worked! (He tried to tell me that he decided it would be cheaper and he'd just put a hammer under the seat for me to use when I went anywhere!) He's done starters before but this one was a doozy.
Monday, momma and I were gonna get some shopping done and a few houses down.......her tire was flatter than a flitter. We called Christopher, her ran down, put the donut on, and it was flat. Who knows what it was? Christopher aired it up and it's still up! Go figure. We did get the donut fixed. The seal had broken. Our car didn't get fixed until Tues. night when my brother brought some tools, getting out in the ice storm to do it! God Bless big brothers who come to our rescue! To make this really looonnnnng story shorter, Christopher went home on Wed. and got all our gifts and stuff to bake and headed back to momma's. We had an awesome time and I would not trade one minute of the time I got to spend with momma. We had such a good time together. Drinking hot cocoa, hot tea, baking, wrapping gifts, shopping, and just being together!
Now I think we're getting back to our old routine except I have lots of catching up to do on the house. I hurt my back after we got home and was down for a few days! Leave it to me!

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