Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Jeremy has had his last round of chemo but they are having to keep an eye on him still. He has dr appt. about every other day until his counts come back up. His hair is growing back in and his color is lots better. We have had so much fun being with the family. Susan and Taylanee just put up with my craziness. lol Brooke and Karissa have lots of fun playing together and Jonathon and Christopher have fun on the PSP's.
Granny is sure a little fighter. They called the girls in Thurs. night because they thought this was the end. The pacemaker was what was keeping her heart beating. Now her heart has started up on it's own again. As of right now she'll go home and have hospice come in. This is the beginning of the end but she's just not ready to go yet. She plans to be at her great-grandson's birthday party tomorrow. :-)
It's pretty warm here the 30's! Sad to say, it does almost seem warm. :-)
We're going to my sisters for dinner tomorrow and that's always fun.
Tues. after I get Brooke off to school, Christopher will drive me to the hospital and drop me off. He'll go to school and when he gets out go to momma's. After Elaine's surgery and she's fine, we'll head back to momma's and hopefully be home before Brooke gets out of school. Elaine's surgery is at 10:00am.
Friday, Lisa, Michelle, Karen, and I are going to a crop and I am so looking forward to it. Karen is a new friend I met a few months ago. I have found someone who is funnier than me. She loves to laugh, she laughs loud like me, she's forgetful, and so much more. We have so much fun. All of us went to Karen's fiance's house last night for dinner and games. It was so much fun. We played spoons. Have you ever heard of that? It's a hoot! We used "Swap" game cards to play it.

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