Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Tribute to a Friend

This is my first time blogging so bear with me as I fumble through these first few times! :-)

I do have a story to tell about "True Friendship"!

I have a friend that I have been friends with since kindergarten. That in itself speaks well of her! lol We talk several times a week but there are times that life gets in the way and we may not get together for weeks at a time. It doesn't matter, things don't change! (Lisa is on the left)

Anyway, at Christmas time (when EVERYONE is busy) I was getting stressed because I had so much to do so she tells her mother-in-law she's "going to help her friend" When her hubby got home here she came and helped me wrap lots of presents. While we were talking she found out that I had a few more things to buy so............My hubby gets Brooke (our daughter) to bed and we head out. Now mind you, I thought she had shopping to do, too! Nope, not where I needed to go, so she drove me to town and took me to finish up my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was close to midnight when we got home but I so enjoyed the time with her!

Fast Forward to Jan. 15.....................................I have health problems that sometimes put me flat of my back and I'm unable to get things done. Things have been pretty rough for a couple weeks now. Meds weren't helping, etc. So she came over last night and dusted, not just a swipe but taking everything off, dusting the furniture, and then each piece as she put it back. In my house, that is ALOT! I love country and miniatures! Then she helped me straighten the house, bringing things to me so I could go thru and sort, helped me fold laundry and put it away, etc.

Her daughter helped my Brooke straighten her room, her son swept around our wood stove, and then they both helped my son stack lots of wood on the back deck! In super cold weather!

THAT is a true friend! I am truly blessed and I thank God for such an awesome friend!

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you" (Phil. 1:3)
To the left is just a sample of my dusting!!!!

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