Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Watercolors - August Challenge

This was my first "real" attempt at watercolors. I like to sketch things first so I can "perfect" them.  lol  I still need to do more doodling and put a quote but I found out that it can be fun to just start painting without following lines. :-)  I didn't time this one so it wasn't for the Challenge.  This one was inspired byt this Mixed Media Mondays video. 

This is my first watercolor for the august-2013-creative-dare-let-it-go. It took me 1 hour and 2 minutes!  :-) I was so into doing this page that I finished it at the rodeo we went to.  lol  I wonder if I'm the first person to art journal at a rodeo.  haha   I also love that Yvonne and I did similar paintings without knowing what the other was doing.  Great minds think alike! ;-)

I feel like I am constantly saying the same thing over and over but I am so thankful that I met Tracy and feel so blessed by all she's added to my life!


EstherT said...

Beautiful art! They are both lovely ... the vibrancy of the second one is stunning!

Alice said...

you are doing a wonderful job with your watercolors! i like the added doodle touch to your second. and you are right, tracy is pretty awesome! i like that she includes her realtime life experiences along with her artwork and teaching.