Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life and so much more......

Wow!   What a difference a month can make!  I am so very thankful for the great weeks I have had.  Yes, I still have some pain at times and the rainy weather isn't always my friend but........that is nothing compared to how I used to feel.  I can actually get up in the mornings without feeling like I can hardly make it through the day.  I've only had to take a nap a few days compared to having to most days before!  I never dreamed one small surgery could make such a difference.  The night I had so many problems and had to go to ER was scary but, Thank God, if that's what it took for them to find and fix my problems.....I won't complain!
I meant to make this post about my art journaling and such.....but.....I'm just so thankful that I feel better that I wanted to share.
In the past month I have......Made a trip to and from Louisville, Ky in one day, for my Aunt's 80th birthday party, went on a 2:30am trip to Shoals, Horseback riding, cleaned house like crazy, got up "early" almost every morning, (early for me lol) made and decorated cake/cupcakes, baked like crazy, and I have done so much more and I'm still able to go!  I cook so much that Brooke said they're all gonna be fat!  haha  I am just so incredibly thankful to feel like doing "normal" people stuff!  God is so good!
I am also thankful for Bro.and Sis. Gibson, our current pastor and his wife!  They have been such a blessing to our church!  The teens and kids just love them, too!  We are going to have an awesome Pastor Appreciation Month for them and I am super excited about it!  It's going to last all month and not just one day!
Life.....I feel like I'm actually getting to live life!  I don't want to go one day without remembering how much I have to be thankful for.  So many days it was like I was just existing and I would be so happy for just one day of feeling good and now.......I have more good days than bad!!!!!    This is the perfect month to do Tracy's challenge......A "Grateful" journal!  I truly am Grateful!

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