Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

I find that Pinterest is one of my very favorite sites these days. I "am" trying make it a good thing, tho. I have made quite a few of the projects that I have found and yesterday I made a new recipe. It must have been good because tonight Christopher asked what it was I had on the stove and told me it was so good he had 3 pieces. lol I'm hoping it'll motivate me to get some gifts made for Christmas. I did finish one day before yesterday and it was an idea I pinned. I'm loving the cake stands and have made one for me and one for a gift. I guess rather than just telling about it, I should just put pics up. I think I'll do that tomorrow. (Well, later today) I just realized the time and should really get some sleep. :-)

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Blooms And Bugs said...

Pinterest just provides an enormous amount of eye-candy. doesn't it? I also try not to spend too much time there, but it is just too tempting.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting over at Blooms and Bugs. I love sewing too, these days I'm gearing up to make gifts for little ones far far away. Because lot of my cousins and friends are expecting. I'm glad you liked my tutorial, and I hope you will visit again.