Monday, June 28, 2010

Random thoughts and ramblings

I've been thinking lately about how blessed I am and how fortunate I am to have had the parents I have/had! No, life wasn't perfect and we weren't the richest family on the block, but there was love! Lots of love and I was taught to love others, be merciful and compassionate, and not judgmental! I'm learning more and more to be thankful for that! I see so many people so concerned about others and the way that they are living that those same people forget to worry about themselves and live a double standard life! I so hope I'm instilling those same qualities in my children!
I keep saying "When I grow up I wanna be organized like momma and Lisa!" Well, I think 41 is grown up enough and I'm working on it. I'm finding the key is to get rid of as much as possible! Large school projects.......I'm taking pictures of them and then they get thrown away! I'll scrapbook the pictures and still have the memory and story to go with it! Ah, to actually have things always in order so that it wouldn't bother me to open my door to company at anytime! Will I ever get there????? (Perhaps, since I'll have the help of my awesome momma! :-)
Above is a great organizing blog!
After my organizing...................................I have so many things I want to do!
Scrapbooking! Always lots of pictures to do and I love it!
Sewing! Things to repair and so many that I want to make!
Tole painting! A ton of wood and other projects that I want to paint!
Crocheting! I am currently working on pen and tablet holders for my aunt, a shawl, and not sure what else.
Cross Stitch! I have large picture with the words and music to Amazing Grace started for momma.
Cardmaking! I have some started and many ideas I want to try.
Cake Decorating! Graduation cakes due the end of July and I'd love to find somewhere to take more classes.
Piano playing! I'd like to take more lessons.

Now to start getting some of those things accomplished! :-)

Well, I was gonna share some pics but since it's after 4am and I'm still feeling puny from whatever bug I have, I think I'll wait!

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