Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm still kicking..........barely! lol

I have been really neglegent in my blogging. I guess I got out of habit when I had surgery and spent most of the summer at Momma's! Hi i am brooke watson i love you sososososososososososs much! mommy. <----This is what happens when you walk away from the computer and leave your blog window open! lol That's ok, I think it's sweet!
Anyway.........Christopher is doing well at college, I still miss him and love the weekends he comes home, Brooke loves her 4th grade teacher but I don't remember all this work when Christopher was in 4th grade!
My niece, Angel, taught me how to loom knit and I'm truly enjoying it. (even tho I had said "NO MORE HOBBIES" lol) I plan to start cleaning part time and am hoping I'll get some substitute teaching calls since my permit has been renewed.
Christopher is home and the kids are wanting the computer so I'll update more later!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!

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