Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Letter to Heaven

Dear Daddy,
   I sure am missing you today. There is so much I'd love to tell you. I like to think that God lets you look down from heaven and see the happy times. You would be so proud of momma. Not only graduating at 78 but with a 3.75 GPA. Brooke has somehow never forgotten you even though she was only 9 months old when you went to heaven. She seemed to think Darrell was you at times but seemed confused about his voice.  She's taking piano lessons and wants to go back to the violin before too long. She's also talkative and a tad sassy. She would keep you laughing, I know, and she would have you wrapped around her finger. Christopher started guitar lessons like you wanted him to.  He is amazing and loves his music. He has so many guitars. He loves cars like you did, too. He owns 3 right now and one he is rebuiling the engine in.  You would have enjoyed working with him on it. He's dating an amazing girl named Skye and you would so love her, just like we do. Elizabeth had a little girl on your birthday 3 years ago. Do you happen to know about that? Perhaps you had something to do with it? :-)  It just seems like something you would do. Marianne never meets a stranger and loves talking to people just like her great grandpa. She's gorgeous and so smart.  You'd love Mark, too, and be so proud of him and Elizabeth. Elaine graduated from college. You were so proud of her for going back. And one more thing....I can play that little "Floyd Cramer lick" on the piano that you loved so much. I hope I can play it for you in heaven. I know you always wanted me to learn that.
I hope your birthday celebration is awesome. I know in heaven it couldn't be anything but awesome. I love you, daddy, and miss you. I don't know how long before I see you again but I WILL!  Heaven is my ultimate goal!

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