Saturday, June 30, 2012

Foam Stamps and Art Journaling

Once again life got in the way of my good intentions of really keeping up with my blog.  :-)  In spite of life and health issues there are some positive things and I want to focus on them.  We had a family reunion today!  A first one for the Lynn/Murphy etc family!  I was so happy to see so many I love!  I'm looking forward to next year already.  :-)
Second, not only has my family and faithful friends been there for me through this time but I even have a knew group of friends (I call them my art journal loopies on fb lol) that show so much care and it means a lot!  I love my art journaling!  I never would have imagined how much. And now my SS kids are loving it with me as we are making scripture/faith journals.
So......I thought I'd share a few pictures of some things I've tried and they were so easy I figured others might like to try it, too.  :-)
First of all I found some word foam stickers on "clearance" for .50.  There were 2 sets and the top ones were all girly (right up my daughter's alley lol) and the bottom set had great words for art journaling. Since I've been making a lot of foam stamps I decided it would be fun to try using these to stamp with.  The fonts were fun and it would make it easier than using my individual letter stamps.

Even though they had glitter on them they glued onto the plastic/acetate just fine.  I just put glue on the letters while they were still on the backing, waited a minute or so, and peeled them off. I used goo gone to get the "sticky" off of the back of the letters.

Here is what they look like stamped with Distress Ink. I even used the little butterflies that were with the set.

And now here is something I've been having so much fun with.  I wrote the word "art" and then made it thicker so I could cut it out and make a stamp out of my handwriting. I like how it turned out. On the page below I had stamped a stamp I made of a flower that I drew, trying it out, and did the same with the word art.  I decided to "fussy cut" them out of the paper and use them on my art journal page. Even though it isn't perfect or professional, I like that fact that it makes my pages even more "mine"! 
 Thanks to Tracy, ) I'm learning to try a lot of new things and I find that I love it!  :-)


Maureen Hayes said...

Your pages look really amazing, you would never guess you are new to art journaling! I am so glad you are trying some of the things Tracy is showing us, I haven't been as brave as you, but you are inspiring me to try!

AKA scrapgirl1467

sandee said...

That is the cutest little iron I have ever seen! hee hee...can't believe you used it to iron a hem though! LOVE your stamp you made, how did you make it thicker? this is an awesome idea girl! OK, now following you on Pinterest and on your blog! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Kay Wallace said...

Love that little "girlie pink" iron. Love even more than you don't have to iron shirts with it! lol Another great art journal entry here, Andy! Great stamps! Don't you just love a bargain??

Foam-By-Mail said...

Those look great! You can also get full sheets of foam and cut and carve designs for DIY custom stamps too. Tons of fun!