Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Never Take Life for Granted

Sitting here at the hospital with Dad Watson and the rest of the family and thinking about how much we need to hold the ones we love so close. If you want to let them know just how much you love it. You never know what a day may hold. I've been so stressed over all I have to do, Thanksgiving coming, Christmas, I want this done, that done, etc etc. and now........None of that means anything when you realize just how fragile life is.
You know what......all those things will be there later, I can let some things go and probably most would never notice that I did. I keep thinking that I'm eventually going to get it all together and be this organized person that has her house just so, crafts made in a timely manner, blog on a regular basis, and on and on. I may just need to accept me for who I am and quit stressing about it. Now to just actually be able to do that.

I read something today that I really liked..........
When you write the story of your life make sure no one else holds the pen!

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