Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Homemade Magic Shell

Look what I found???? I am so happy! Chris and well, Brooke and I love magic shell. I prefer the Reeses and so does Chris. Brooke likes the Heath. I plan on trying this soon!!! (Well, when we run out of all Chris got for Christmas!
This is the blog I found it on --------->
Homemade Magic Shell
Who does not love Magic Shell? This week I came across a recipe, that is super easy and we already had the 2 ingredients in the cupboard. Coconut oil and chocolate chips. We tried it out tonight. There are many recipes online, some add a dash of sea salt, and the ratio of the coconut oil and chocolate chips are a bit different. We used 1 c coconut oil and about 2 1/2 c chocolate chips. Mix them together over low heat. In a few minutes we had Magic Shell ready to try. It was delicious and hardened just like the real Magic Shell.
And if you feel like being creative, you could try peanut butter chips, vanilla chips or add toffee bits...
I clean for 3 people tomorrow so I'm hoping for a good day! Trying to fight this bug I caught. Friday and Saturday, I get to be home!!!!! Clean house and make cards/craft! That's what I hope to accomplish! Well, along with facebooking, blogging, etc. lol

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