Tuesday, May 12, 2009


How in the world do you tell your children that someone so very important in their life has passed away? How do you try to explain the questions when you don't have answers yourself? In the human all I can think of is - But God, We NEED him! Rev. James Beers was so many things in our life. Not only mine and Chris' school administrator but now Christopher's. Friend, Prayer Warrior, Doctor, and so much more. Christopher drank in the knowledge that he learned from Bro. Beers. Bro. Beers even got Christopher to start eating healthier. My son who said that anything fried had to be better. :-) Political things, legal things.........we don't realize how heavily we rely on someone until we no longer have them. What a legacy he leaves and tho no one can fill his shoes it will take many people to help fill in the gaping hole that he leaves behind.
A precious friend of mine helped with this thought - At an airport there was a group of people crying as their loved one was leaving on a long journey, but there was another group cheering and full of glee. Their loved one had arrived home. As is with Bro. Beers. We are so sad to see him go and we're crying tears for ourself, but on Heaven's shore there is a group of people cheering and so happy to see him. God, please help me to be a better person so that I may be able to help fill the tiniest spot and to also be worthy of that honor.

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